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Warsaw Local - your locals guide to Warsaw, Poland
The number one guide to getting the most out of Warsaw, helping you understand the public transport, finding the best places to eat and much more.
How to use the Trams
Around the city you’ll see lots of trams. Here is your ultimate guide to the trams in Warsaw.
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Discover the Beach
That is right! Warsaw does have a beach and it is a great place to relax on a hot summers day.
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Cost of Living in Warsaw
Learn about the costing of living in Warsaw from supermarket prices to apartment rental.
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Your Ultimate Guide
Living Costs of Warsaw

If you are considering moving to the city of Warsaw for studies, work or just a change then you’ll want to learn more about the day-to-day costs of living in the capital of Poland.

Introducing your ultimate guide to the living costs of Warsaw where we will clearly explain the cost of renting an apartment, the cost of food, entertainment, travel, utilities and much more. We will also regularly be keeping you up to date with any changes that might happen around the city that might impact your living costs in Warsaw.

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Want to make new friends in Warsaw?
Looking to meet new people in Warsaw? Then make sure you check out the biggest and best international community in Warsaw.
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