3D Archery in Warsaw

3D Archery is much more than just standing in one spot and firing at a piece of paper. In 3D Archery you must travel through a forest, bow and arrow in hand with the robin hood theme tune playing in your head. We had heard great things about 3D Archery, so we went to check it out and here is our experience:

Finding the location:

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Science and Culture as a point of reference because it is the tallest building in the city (and Poland). This makes it one of the easiest to find if you are new to the city of Warsaw.

The address: Fort Blizne, Lazurowa 185A, 01-476 Bemowo, Warszawa, Poland

We did travel via car to this location, however it is easily accessible via public transport. If you’re new to the city of Warsaw then download the free public transport app Jakdojade. You will need to change bus from the city center, and with this app with GPS enabled it will tell you when to leave the bus and which one to take next.

Driving from the Palace took us about 20 minutes, the location is near a residential area, which confused us at first glace. We just kept following the GPS and it took us to a closed gate. We could see a banner for the 3D Archery, but we we unsure if this was the correct entrance. Luckily someone was walking past the gate and they told us we can open it ourselves and drive in. 3D archery provide free parking for all their clients, which is a bonus!

Our experience

When we arrived we were greeted by a very nice English speaking instructor, who introduced herself and explained where we could leave our bags. We were given a brief explanation of what we would do that day and then given some health and safety forms to complete. Once we had completed these forms, we were then given bows and arrows and began walking towards some targets for practice.

The instructor went first, showing us how to place the bow inside the string correct, how to draw the bow back and gave us some hints on how to avoid going too high or too low. We then tried our-self at shooting at the targets until we felt comfortable.

Once we all felt ready to head out in to the forest our instructor took us to the first target which was a small bird. In the ground you’ll see two sticks. One has a yellow paint and one was red paint. These are the areas you should all shoot from. The yellow is for beginners and the red is for those with more experience. Once we had shoot at this bird a few times, we were then told to explore the forest and discover some new targets without the help of the instructor.

This is an important thing to note is one member of our group wore shorts and one wore light pump shoes. We’d not recommend wearing these after our experience. The forest is wild and has lots of sticks and stinging nettles around.

The more we explored the harder the targets became. Changing from a large pig to a tiny bird.

After spending about four hours we all felt pretty tired and began making our way back to the camp. We returned our equipment, collected our bags and called it a day.


We paid 40 PLN (about 9 euro) per person. You do not pay for hours, but for the whole day, so for this price you can shoot as much as you want until closing time which is 20:00. There is a possibility were you can rent a camp fire and stay longer in to the night, but this does have an added cost.

We hope you enjoyed joining us on this journey to the 3D Archery path. If you have visited here or if you have any good shooting tips for beginners then let others know in the comment section, so that this can make the most of their time there.



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