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A car stopped doing 169 km/h in a built up area

The policemen detained a young man who was driving along the streets of Otwock and Józefów. In plain view of a unmarked patrol car, the driver accelerated to 169 km / h. An area home to many families.

The arrest took place at the beginning of November, just after All Saints’ Day. However, only now police officers published the information and shared the recording from the video recorder from the police car.

The local residents who were reported to be awoken by the loud sounds of the car were the first to all the police. Their attention was drawn by the Mercedes, which after 11 pm was driving along Wawerska Street in Otwock and then Piłsudski in Józefów.

A crew in an unmarked police car started the intervention. – The officers, patrolling the city, noticed a Mercedes who was driving down Kołłątaj Street, then he moved towards Józefów and further towards Warsaw. On the Sikorskiego street in Józefów, the Mercedes began to accelerate and move away – says Daniel Niezdropa from the district office in Otwock.

It was then that the driver noted that the car is moving at a speed of 169 km / h. Everything happened in the built-up area, where the permitted speed after 23 is 60 km / h.

After stopping the car, it turned out that the driver was a 21-year-old resident of Otwock. The driver will lose his driving license for three months. – He was also fined and 10 penal points



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