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A car with pictures of dead fetuses parked 200 meters to kindergarten.

Trucks with drastic pictures of dead fetuses have been driving around Warsaw for many months and are parking in various places. One of the anti-abortion cars stood on Nowogrodzka Street, 200 meters from kindergarten.

There has been an anti-abortion truck for many months on Nowogrodzka Street. There is a kindergarten in the area. Together with the new school year, the parents of the children paid attention to the sign.

A local Warsaw resident came across by car, escorting his daughter to kindergarten. As he said publicly, a car with a drastic photograph was located only 200 meters from the facility. “I and probably many other parents lead our children this path on a daily basis”. He is outraged at the fact that children are exposed to such macabre images.

I can not look at these drastic pictures myself, let alone my daughter. Until now, I managed to distract her somehow, but this is sick. It should not be there – says Mr. Michał.

A very similar situation occurred in March this year in Ursynów. The Pro – Right to Life foundation truck stood in front of the kindergarten on ul. Pála Telekiego. At that time, the Foundation explained that this unfortunate location was “unintentional”.

The Police could do nothing

Mr Michał adds that pedestrian police patrols are often found in the Nowogrodzka area. He wanted the officers to remove the car with photos of dead fetuses. “The policemen just spread their hands and said they could do nothing,”

Interventions on cars with drastic images are not always easy. Trucks are usually parked legally and do not break the rules. This means, therefore, that the municipal police can not tow them away or punish its owners. That was the case with the car, which last July stood at Orłowski Hospital in Mokotów.

Until now, the “Campaign” of the Pro – Right to Life Foundation managed to remove only from billboards. In February, councilors led to the disappearance of drastic images that appeared on the billboard in the commune of Lesznowola near Warsaw. Since then, this has also been done in several other places in Poland.



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