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A van built for naps and meditation appears in Warsaw

A van will soon be on the streets of Warsaw. In the car you can take a nap, meditate or just relax.

Inemuri is a phenomenon typical of Japanese society. On the streets of Japan, you can often come across people dormant in public space – in the subway, buses, shopping centers on benches.

The creator Dawid Zalesky wanted to transfer this concept to Polish soil. That’s how Key Offline Van idea was born.

Dawid Zalesky has designed and created a special van that will enable this. In Key Offline Van you can take a nap, meditate or just relax. In the middle of waiting for the bed and clean bedding.

The artist and creator of the project tells that daily meditation and short naps, which are cut off during the day, are very close to him – he practices them himself.

Suzuki Super Curry a small Japanese car has undergone a metamorphosis – the entire interior has been lined with wood, which calms down and gives a feeling of coolness. In implementation of Key Offline, the artist was assisted by architects from PL STUDIO, CTR + N Studio, Agnieszka Łańko and Patryk Żurawski, and supported by Barlinek Drewno Forever and JYSK Polska.

Dawid Zalesky emphasizes that Offline Van is just a prototype for now. The first to benefit from it is people who helped in its creation. And apparently the list of people who are willing is already quite long.

He explains that he is still working on the details of the van’s further operation. He would like, however, that more will be created in the future, and those interested in resting or meditating could book their stay online. The second option would be to set up vans at specific points in Warsaw to which residents could come and use the service.

He also adds that it is extremely important to find the right location – it must be green and cool. These are ideal conditions for naps or meditations.

It’s not about money, it’s about the idea

The artist has said publicly that he did not create Offline Van to earn money on him. He says that he has more in common with an artistic project than business. It is important to him, above all, to spread the idea of ​​rest and relaxing

In today’s world, we are chatting all the time, we have a phone in our hands all the time, we check the email. We forget about how important rest is – says Zalesky.

This is the second similar project by Dawid Zalesky. Previously, he invented CHATKA Off – an adult tree house, where one could cut off the momentum of the modern world and return to nature. “It is to be an oasis, a lesson in knowledge and contact with matter and nature, a refuge from the present and an intrusive world online” – explained the creator on the website.

CHATKA was to stand in Warsaw’s Mokotów district , unfortunately the developer terminated the contract . Dawid Zalesky and the people who collaborated with him on the project are now looking for an alternative place where CHATKA could stand, and organizations that would like to support him.

What do you think about the van? Is it good for the city? Or do you not see the point in it? Share your opinion in the comment section



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