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Arrests made after Legia pitch invasion

During the Sunday match of Lech Poznań and Legia Warsaw, hooligans stormed the pitch and interrupted the final of the Polish championship. In total, about 50 people made it on to the grass. 17 of them are already in the hands of the police. The local police of Warsaw announced more arrests are coming. 

The first six men were detained on Monday late afternoon and evening. On Tuesday, the next 11 hooligans were in the hands of the police. This is not the end of detentions.

From 06:00 we will knock on the next doors

said Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Police on Twitter.

Seven with charges

Seven of them have already heard allegations related to the violation of the law on the safety of mass events through intrusion into the turf. For this act they are even threatened with staying behind bars. 

The prosecutor concluded that these people simply acted in a hooligan manner, hence the provision for a disrespectful approach to the law. It means that the lower limit of punishment is automatically increased by half – emphasized on Tuesday Magdalena Mazur-Prus, press spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

Stadium ban

Detainees are people aged 18 to 35 years. – Most of them were not punished, but we have a penalty card for one of them, where there are records of seven court sentences for criminal offenses – says Andrzej Borowiak.

One of them had a stadium ban imposed earlier. – The man had a two-year stadium ban from last year, imposed in connection with the incident in Bialystok. 

Spokesman for Lech Poznań: this is unacceptable

We are aware of the emotions that accompany the fans. We know them and ourselves too. These emotions are similar: it is pain and bitterness to how sport ended this season. However, this type of behavior should not and should not be accepted. The way these emotions have been dropped is unacceptable. This will be associated with severe consequences



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