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Average Salary in Poland

If you are thinking about moving to Poland then finding a job will be high on your list of things to do. In this article we are going to cover the average salary in Poland

Average salary in Poland

Poland is a one of the top ten largest counties in the EU, being 312,685km! With the country being so large you’ll find a wide range of jobs and income levels. Poland is famous for its apple farms and other vast farming lands, but it is also famous with large technology companies such as Dell who have manufacturing plants.

The National Average Salary is the average salary for the whole working population of one nation. It is calculated by summing all the yearly salaries of all people and dividing the total by the number of workers in the country.

The average monthly salary in April 2017 in Poland was PLN 4,449 (USD 1,170, EUR 1,053).

Average salary in Poland rose 4.1% in April 2017 compared to April 2016 according to the country’s Central Statistical Office.

Average salary in Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław

The capital of Poland is Warsaw and as with almost all capital cities the living costs of rent, food, night life and more is always higher than any surrounding towns and cities. Most employers will factor this in and you will find the salary in the capital will be here. We have two articles giving some explains of the living costs for both students and working professionals in Warsaw. You can use this information to compered against other Polish cities:

Cost of living in Warsaw as a student

Cost of living in Warsaw as a working professional

We also have an article about the Cost of grocery shopping in Warsaw. You’ll meat to be cheaper outside of the capital, but most major food brands will be the same

The official minimum salary in the city of Warsaw in 2017 is 2000 PLN (gross). That is 464 euros and almost 500 $ per month. Poland has one of the highest minimum salaries in Central and Eastern Europe.
The average salary after tax in Warsaw is around 3820 PLN (approximately 850$ per month).

In other cities of Poland the average salary is lower – Krakow(3387 PLN), Wroclaw (3341 PLN), Gdańsk (3341 PLN).

How much will I pay in Tax and other government payments?

When receiving a job offer it is important to understand if your employer will be paying your tax or if you will be responsible for paying it yourself. It is common for contractors to be self-employed and manage their own taxes. Always make sure you ask if the number presented to you as your salary is GROSS (gross is the amount before Tax) or NET (net income is the amount of earnings left after all deductions have been taken.)

How much you will personally pay is hard to answer in this article because many factors such as income level, joint declaration for married couples, the year and other things can impact what you might need to pay.

Here is an average of what most people will commonly pay (monthly, taken out of your salary):

Gross earnings: 3000.00
ZUS (insurance): 411.30
Health (NFZ): 232.98
Advance payment towards income tax: 199.00
Net earnings (“take-home”): 2156.72

Important: If you earn 3091zl per month or less your company won’t pay any tax for you and you won’t need to either. If you earn more than 3091zl per month you’ll pay 18% of your salary in tax. This is a more complex topic than this one article can cover, so we always recommended speaking with a tax professional.

Do you have any advice for those thinking about moving to Poland for work? Or have a question that this article didn’t cover? Let us know in the comment section below.



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