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Bacio Review

Warsaw Local visited Bacio, Wilcza 43, 00-001 on 22nd April 2016.

On their website Bacio state:

People who have visited Italy, in Bacio will find the greatest memories from their holiday.

As me and my guest have visited Italy on holiday we were really excited to put this to the test! Let’s see if they can live up to this statement.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

Bacio is easy to walk to and easy to find. It took us less than 15 minutes to walk from the Palace of Culture and Science and it is easy to spot once you get near with the large red signage outside. Here are some pictures of the outside to hopefully make it easier for you to spot:

Prices and Menu

The menu is in both Polish and English.

We ordered:

Bruschetta – 15zl
Fresh spinach and ricotta cheese – 25zl
Spaghetti baked with chicken and forest mushrooms – 35zl
Beef tenderloin with vegetables and potatoes – 75zl

Total bill: 150zl

We also took a red wine and a beer: 22zl

We felt the pricing was great for the amount of food we received, we couldn’t finish the starters and we left very satisfied. It is not cheap, but it is no way expensive. We have found 130-150zl is the average price for two people when ordering a starter and main in the center of Warsaw.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

Shortly after we were handed a menu, we were given four free slices of garlic bread, this was a nice thoughtful touch as we were both hungry.

All the waiting times were perfect. The Bruschetta took about 4 minutes, spinach and ricotta cheese was severed about two minutes after the Bruschetta and then the mains with both served at the same time about three minutes after starter plates had been removed.

Our first starter was the Bruschetta:

The classic of Tomato and basil was perfectly served on top of warm and crispy bread. The tomato was chilled and the smoothness matched perfectly with the brittle crispness of the toast bread. The severing size was right for two people and could even be shared between three people, but there might be a fight for the last! At only 15zl this is the perfect starter at the perfect price.

Our next starter was Fresh spinach and ricotta cheese:

This was a first for us, we were interested in how it would be presented and how it would taste. We both don’t know what we expected it to look like, but it did excite us with interest when it was served in front of us.

The spinach was served hot and had been tossed in a heavy and creamy ricotta cheese that had turned in to a sauce style coating throughout the whole dish. It was easy to eat only with a fork and provided a wide range of creative and earthly flavors.

After we had completed our starters, we were both served our mains. I ordered Beef tenderloin with vegetables and potatoes:

The beef was very nicely presented on a bed on oven roasted vegetables and partnered with baby potatoes. The plate was covered in a light creamy sauce with black pepper corns. The sauce was light enough to make the potatoes interesting without taking away with the flavor of the meat.

I am not a huge vegetable fan, but the way these were cooked changed my mind. Everything was soft and easily broken with the side of a fork. Really enjoyable.

The meat itself was perfect in every way! It was perfectly cooked to how I requested it and I could tell they put as much time and thought in to the meat selection as they did the decoration of the venue. It was easily cut, thick and full of enjoyment! I fully recommend you try this for yourself!

My guest ordered Spaghetti baked with chicken and forest mushrooms:

The pasta was nicely presented in a tall bowl. The spaghetti was perfectly cook with a chewy and not over cooked feel, tossed in a polite mushroom based creamy sauce. The chicken was cut in to small and easily edible sizes for this style of dish. You could tell upon first bite that this was fresh chicken and not the cheap frozen stuff other restaurants try to get away with. We review restaurants everyday, we can tell the difference.

The portion size was just right at the price was great at only 35zl. If you’re on a budget and want to leave satisfied then this is the dish for you.


The service was perfect. As the waiter heard us talking English as we entered he presented an English menu without having to ask (a nice touch). He was happy to explain the different types of starters and was happy to help with the correct pronunciation of a word I couldn’t get right.

A clean plate was provided between each starter and main, and our waiter was always near but without being annoying.

The waiting time is what you’d expect at peak severing times such as when we were visited (Friday night). Both mains were served at the same time and both plates were removed at the same time.

Decor and Atmosphere

When you step inside, you really feel that the owners care about the Italian theme. They didn’t just throw the embarrassing stereotypical table cloths and stereotypical music. The venue is decorated tasteful, with almost every wall becoming a talking point. Dried flowers with hanging from the wooden beams of the ceiling, very cool and Italian.

We visited Bacio at 19:00 on a Friday. The place was busy with people coming and going. Light music filled the air, but it wasn’t too loud as to take away from our conversation. The typical atmosphere you’d expect from a Friday night central restaurant.

Language barriers

There was no language issues here. The menu is provided in both English and Polish. Our waiter was extremely polite and could easily switch between speaking English to me and Polish to my guest. It was very impressive. We also heard a few different tables speaking English, so this must be a pretty cool place with the expat community.

Room for Improvement and things to note

We couldn’t find anything to fault with our visit to Bacio. The staff were great, the waiting time is what you’d expect and the food was great! One cool thing to note is that Bacio has a private room at the back of the venue that can be closed away from the rest of the restaurant. This would be the perfect location for an intimate dinner party and can fit ten people.

Overall we would highly recommend Bacio for those who are passionate about Italian food and want to get lost in the traditional Italian decor that will make you feel you’re really in Italy without the stress of traveling.

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