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Big Plans for the Vistula boulevards in 2018

New pavilions on the boulevards, floating bars, larger ferries running between the shores and much more. This year’s season on the Vistula promises to be interesting. It will be official on 5th May 2018.

The biggest change associated with the boulevards is the alcohol drinking law update. The new rules will attract hundreds of people to the river, as demonstrated by the last weekend (the first week of the new rules). For some it good fun, but for others there were reports of loud noise and high levels of trash.

Soon you will be able to drink legally also in Poniatówka (resolution voted on the initiative of PO councilors), so there will probably be parties on each side of the river. During the Wednesday press conference, the deputy mayor of Warsaw Michał Olszewski, assured that the city is monitoring the effects of the new law. – We will improve the sanitary and waste-related issues – he stated.

The deputy mayor of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski said that all the pavilions on the boulevards already have an operator – the ZPR company. There are restaurants and cafes in them, some are already in operation and some are almost complete. One of the units will be a milk bar.

We wanted the boulevard not to be called exclusive. We want it to be a non-exclusive space in which everyone feels comfortable and welcome

Emphasized the Vice-President and reminded that it was one of the conditions when planning the area.

Between the shores and to Serock

Wiesław Witek, Director of the Municipal Transport Administration, stressed that at the beginning of May, the Warsaw Tourist Lines are moving, but in a new, enlarged form. – 21 people will be able to enter our water crossings at once, for ferries running from Podzamcze to the zoo even 40, it’s almost twice as many as before – said Witek.

From 1 May to 16 September, free ferries under the flag of WLT will sail on four routes: Czerniakowski Headland – Saska Kępa; most Poniatowskiego bridge – National Stadium / Poniatówka beach; Podzamcze – Zoo / Rusałka beach (30 courses on weekends and 14 on working days) and Nowodwory – Łomianki (30 courses on weekends and 7 on business days).

Cruises to Serock also return . The ship in May and June will sail on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, in July and August – on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and in September – on Saturdays and Sundays. Cruise participants will depart at 9.00 from the Jan Karski Boulevard (Podzamcze) to reach 12.30 pm to Serock. After a two-hour break, the ship will set off on the return journey and around 18.00 will be in Warsaw again. Up to 120 people can take part in the cruise.

Wiesław Witek also announced that on April 27th a seasonal bus line 385 will be launched, which will run from Plac Konstytucji, through the boulevards, to Wilson Square.

Opening 5th May

But earlier – on Saturday, May 5, the official opening of the season on the Vistula River will take place. The event will last from 11.00 to 22.00 and will take place on two opposite banks: Rusałka beach and Karskiego boulevard. At this time, Varsovians will be able to take part in one of the relaxing cruises – traditional boats, sail boats, a catamaran, learn the basics of swimming and much more.

There will also be other sports activities. There will be bicycles, kayaks, skis, badminton and Frisbee. There will also be classes and art workshops for kids. The event, at 20.30, will end the concert of Red Heels string band on the roof of the new Warsaw Barge.



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