Warsaw City Bikes

Take a walk around city center of the Polish capital and you’ll rows upon rows of bikes attached to racking stations. If you are a lover of cycling or just want to explore the city in a greener way then you’ll be happy to hear that anyone can rent these bikes. You don’t need to be a citizen of Warsaw or Poland.

In the video to the right you’ll find all the information you needed to start renting a bike today. If you can’t view the video then please read the article below.

Setting up an Account

Before renting a bike you’ll need to create an account Veturilo Website. It is very simple and fast to create an account even for non-Polish citizens and for tourists. All you need to begin renting a Warsaw city bike is a mobile phone number, E-mail address and a form of payment (bank or credit card, doesn’t need to be Polish).

After entering your details you will be require to make a payment of 10zl (which is about two euros) to activate your account. You can begin riding on only 10zl, but if you go below the require 10zl you will have to top-up your account credit to rent another bike so we would recommend putting 20zl on your account when creating your account to avoid any problems. You can see the pricing table below.

Mobile Phone Number

When signing up you’ll need to include a mobile phone number. You can use any international number, but if it is not a Polish number then you’ll need to include the FULL country mobile code. For example if you have a sim from the UK and your number is 12345 the number you’d enter when creating an account is: 0114412345.

The mobile phone number is used to send you the code (password) you’ll need to unlock a bike and also it can be used to reset the code if you forget it.

Renting a bike

There are two ways to unlock a bike from the rack. One is through the Veturilo app and the other is by entering your mobile number and secret code in to the keypad at the station. The fastest method is the app, but this does require mobile data. If you’re a tourist without mobile data then the keypad method is best for you.

Keypad Method

When you setup a Warsaw City Bike account with Veturilo you’ll enter a mobile number and on completion you’ll be sent a pass code via SMS (you can change this pass code via their website to something easier for you to remember).

When standing in front of the bikes you’ll notice each bike has a five digit number written on the side. Make a note of the bike number which you want to take as you’ll need to enter which like the dock should unlock.

You can select your language between English, Polish, German or Russian. You will then enter the exact phone number you created your account with. You’ll then need to enter your secret pass code and then it will ask you for the bike number you’d like to rent. Once all this information has been entered correctly you’ll here a ‘beep’ from the bike dock and you can remove the bike with a slight tug. Some docks can be easier than others to remove so just give it a bit of force and pull.

Veturilo App (requires mobile internet)

Using the app for the Warsaw city bikes is the easiest and fastest way to unlock the bike you want from the dock, but it does require you have mobile internet. You simply open the app, select ‘scan QR’ and on the back of the bike you’ll find a QR code:

You hold your phone over this code and within a few seconds you’ll hear the dock ‘beep’ and you can then pull the bike from the dock. It can sometime take a bit of force depending on the age of the dock.

Cost and Fines

The Warsaw City Bikes are by far the cheapest way to explore the city (other than walking). They are almost free if you stay within the allocated time. Once you have created an account and deposited 10zl you can begin riding. If you return a bike within 19 minutes the ride cost nothing. If you return it within 21 minutes then you’ll charge 1zl from the 10zl you deposited. If you fall below 10zl, for example if you have 9zl in your account you will not be able to rent a bike, so for this reason we highly recommend depositing 20zl to cover yourself.

Below is the official prices and fines for not returning your bike (correct as of April 2017). If your bike is stolen then we highly recommend calling veturilo as soon as possible. The number can be found at any bike dock.

Type of charges Gross value
Initial fee 10 zł
Bike rental fee Duration of rental:
from 1 to 20 minutes 0 zł
from 21 to 60 minutes 1 zł
Second hour 3 zł
Third hour 5 zł
Fourth hour and each subsequent
7 zł
Letter notifications regarding breaching the Terms of Service 10 zł
Payment for exceeding the 12 hour limit of rental 200 zł
Theft, loss or total damage of a standard bike 2 000 zł
Theft, loss or total damage of a tandem bike 7 000 zł
Theft, loss or total damage of a children bike 1 900 zł
Theft, loss or total damage of an electric bike 12 000 zł

Using the Bike Lock

On each of the bikes you take you’ll see a combination lock attached to each. You can use this to lock your bike securely if you need to visit a store or stop for something to eat.

If you’re using the Warsaw City Bike app from Veturilo then when after you scan the QR code and remove the bike from the dock you’ll see the four digit code used to lock and unlock the lock.

If you are not using the app and just using the key pad of the bike dock then after you have entered all the details required to remove the bike the code to use the lock will appear on the LCD screen for a shoot amount of time. We would highly recommend having a smart phone ready to take a photograph of the code so that you don’t forget it later in the day.

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