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Bones from 100,000 years ago discovered

Bones of a prehistoric mammal were discovered at the construction site of the underground station in Wola. The find is pre-dated even for 100-120,000 years.

On the pelvis bone and skeleton fragments, the workers came across 6 meters underground, at the C08 Płock metro station. This happened during the work carried out at the construction of a ventilation room.

Metro Warszawskie ensures that a moment later, the employees of the State Archaeological Museum appeared on the site, supervising the construction of this section of the second metro line. The work was stopped for the time of finding and finding artifacts.

– The remains found were extracted and cleaned by us. They will be the subject of further research to determine the exact species of this animal, its chronology and the circumstances of death – says Wojciech Brzezinski, director of the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw.

A mammoth or a forest elephant

Preliminary information from the Warsaw Metro indicates that the bones may belong to the mammoth or prehistoric forest elephant that lived in Poland during the Pleistocene (often called the Ice Age).

“They measured up to 4.5 meters high and weighed up to 7 tons. The age of the find dates back to 100-120 thousand years” – they tell the authorities of the underground railway.

In the place where the metro station is being built today, there used to be a lake. During the Pleistocene, it reached from Płock to Leszno Street or even to the West Railway Station. As Brzeziński explains, large mammals live around large water reservoirs, because they have a huge demand for water – modern elephants drink nearly 200 liters a day. – It is not excluded that this individual penetrated the lake during its freezing, ice collapsed and ended his life there – he adds.



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