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Casa Pablo Review

Warsaw Local visited Casa Pablo, Grzybowska 5a, 00-132 on 29th February 2016.

Casa Pablo is renowned as one of the top fine dinning venues in Warsaw. With 150+ five star reviews and the feeding ground for some of Poland’s most well known politicians we were interested to see what all the noise was about.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

Casa Pablo is find central and is very easy to find. It took us a quick ten minutes from the Palace of Culture to walk there. Also, something to note is that they provide a car park for customers. Here is what they say about parking on their Facebook page:

We offer parking to all of our guests in a secure parking lot Monday – Friday: after 18:00, Saturday: all day. Just pull up to the barrier on the right side of the building and call to the security guard telling him you’re coming to Casa Pablo.

Prices and Menu

The menu present in Spanish with English. There is also a Polish menu available with Spanish food titles too.

Here is the dessert menu:

We ordered:

– Croquettes 29zl
– Cured ham (18 months) 48zl
– Duck Burger 59zl
– Filet steak with peppers and potatoes 75zl
– Apple ‘Casa Pablo’ 26zl
– Lemon sorbet with vodka 22zl

Our total bill came to: 259zl

We have to be honest in saying this is one of the top three most expensive restaurants we have ever reviewed. When you enter Casa Pablo and you see their fine cutlery and thick table cloths, you’ll know instantly that this won’t be a place you can find a 20zl pizza for lunch.

Just for reference, our average bill for starters, main and dessert comes to about 110-140zl.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We arrived at Casa Pablo about 18:00 on a Monday. We had a reservation, but there was no one else in the restaurant, so we were able to select what table we wanted. Once we were seated, we were handed a menu and we began scanning through it. While we were selecting our choices, our waitress placed a small metal bowl and a small tube of olive oil on the table. She returned to the kitchen and then brought our some steaming hot bread and placed it inside the metal bowl:

This was a nice touch while we were still selecting our dishes.

After ordering we waited about seven minutes for our starters to be served. The starters were not served at the same time. The Croquettes were served first and then the cured ham a few minutes later. Our main dishes were served about six minutes after we had our starter plates removed. Our desserts were served pretty quickly. After placing our dessert order we waited about five minutes.

So on to the quality, the bread was excellent. The bread basket served at a table is something we don’t usually talk about, but we have never been served fresh bread before. The bread was hot to the touch, but cool enough to tare apart with your hands. The outside was crispy, yet the inside was soft and doughy. The small bottle of oil seemed like it would be too small, but it was just the right amount to add some meditation flavour.

Our first stater of Croquettes was served:

Labelled on the menu as a chef’s special, these croquettes were filled with Jamón ibérico (ham) and a liquid bechamel. They were nicely presented on a small metal tray. Our waitress explained to us that the best way for these to be eaten is to take one by hand and place the whole thing in our mouths. We took our waitresses advice and what an experience. The croquette burst with an intense flavor of cheese and matched with the rough texture of the outside of the croquette it was a unique even for someone like us who regularly try many different restaurants and dinning experiences.

The bechamel was very rich, but maybe too rich for only one person. This dish is perfect for two or maybe three people to experience, but with such a deep flavor it might be too strong for one person to completely enjoy the whole eight of them.

Our next starter was Galician ham that has been cured for 18 month.

I was impressed by this ham before I even took it to my mouth. It was so finely cut that it was almost transparent. The pieces were perfectly sized to be eaten by hand and easily handled. The meat was beautiful! It was rich with flavor, each slice felt like a journey Galicia and back.

This dish is for those who can appreciate real quality, it is like nothing we have tried in Warsaw.

After we had finished our starters, we were quickly served our mains. My guest ordered a filet steak with piquillo peppers and panadera potatoes:

(click to enlarge)

This dish is a dish for the meat lovers out there. After reviewing so many restaurants we feel we have learnt the difference between good, average and quality cuts of meat, but this filet steak completely blew us away and set our bench mark of what a quality cut of meat is. The meat was soft, easily cut with minimal force and perfectly cooked to my guests requirements.

The piquillo peppers and panadera potatoes were a welcomed touch to this dish to break up the amount of meat. The peppers provided an almost fruity experience to this earthly dish. The potatoes were correctly cooked and the form of their presentation meant you could easily break them with the side of your fork and enjoy.

My dish of a duck burger was also served the same time as my guests main dish.

The dish was served on a thick wooden board. The burger was wrapped in what felt like thick and quality wax paper. The dish was also served with chips and two different sauces.

The burger was easy to unwrap without the whole thing falling apart. One thing I liked personally was that the burger was not stuffed with as many vegetables as possible. I enjoy vegetables, but it seems like a common trend in Warsaw to put tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, pickles and more on a single burger. For me, too many ingredients takes away from the taste of the meat which is what a burger should be based around. This duck burger was lightly covered in a nutty flavoured rocket that perfectly complemented the duck and toasted bun.

The chips are what you’d expect. They were standard size, correctly cooked and a good portion size.

After we had finished our mains, we selected our desserts and they were served quickly. My guest went with a dish called Apple ‘Casa Pablo’.

(click to enlarge)

Described as paper thin crispy pastry, filled with citrus and vanilla, toffee, baked apples and vanilla ice cream. This dish is one of the best presented dishes we have ever been served! Not only best presented dessert, but Best presented dish ever.

The apples chunks were nicely presented and were served warm and with a scoop of ice cream served on top. The apples were nicely flavoured with what felt like a cinnamon. The ice cream perfectly matched the apples and balanced the dish.

When they say the pastry is paper thin they really mean it, it was extraordinary. The fillings between the pastry were nicely presented in small balls of vanilla cream.

My dessert of Lemon sorbet with vodka was also served the same time as my guests dessert.

I was a little disappointed with this dessert. It felt like more of a cocktail than a dessert. It was served in a champagne flute and a straw. The whole dessert was liquid so it was only possible to ‘eat’ with the straw.

The flavour was great! It was sharp and provided ‘tang’ that was refreshing after my heavy main, but I felt disengaged with the dinning experience as my guest enjoyed their dessert and I enjoyed my drink. It did not say on the menu it would have been like this and I would have ordered something else if I knew. There was only 4zl difference between my guests dish and mine.


The service was very high end, but we wouldn’t expect any less at this price range. All our cutlery was replaced between dishes, our waitress always near by but not to close as to be annoying.

The waiting time was reasonable and gave the impression that everything was being freshly prepared.

Decor and Atmosphere

The decor is as high end as the food. You can easily see why Casa Pablo is the choice of many ambassadors and politicians.

The music completely ruined the atmosphere for me and my guest and we really hope Casa Pablo consider making some changes to their music list. The first song was about somebody stealing an airplane to go party in exotic county, next was a nice Spanish instrumental and then was some contemporary music with sexual noises over the top of it.

Language barriers

All our the staff we spoke to spoke an amazingly high level of English. The menu is presented in English and there was no miscommunication.

We were also inform that the chefs are natively Spanish.

Room for Improvement and things to note

Casa Pablo has now set out standard of what fine dinning such be. Apart from the music, we don’t feel there is much room for improvement. The food is of the highest quality, the staff are bilingual, the decor provides a very professional setting and Casa Pablo also provide a dinning experience that you can’t really find elsewhere in Warsaw.

Casa Pablo also provide a large dish selection for those who don’t eat meat.

As we mentioned at the start of our review, this place is not cheap. This is not a venue you visit for a quick burger on your lunch break. Casa Pablo is a high-end and fine dinning venue which is more suited to important businesses meetings were your role is to impress a client or Casa Pablo is the perfect location to impress your partner for an anniversary.

Overall, we were blown away by the amazing food and professional service. If budget is not an issue and you want to enjoy the finer things in life we have to recommend Casa Pablo as the place for you.

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