Center for Contemporary Art

U–jazdowski is about many parallel educational and promotional activities, all of which are aimed at providing ever broader access to the most current achievements of contemporary artists from Poland and abroad. The Department of Education and Promotion works in a mode of long-term processes and educations cycles: those addressed to specific recipients, as well as ones organised in thematic cycles.

Contemporary art is a bottomless source of inspiration for our senses and the intellect. The wealth and diversity of the visual forms it applies corresponds with the diversity of means of perception and understanding used by the modern human being. The multitude of manifestations, forms and types of contemporary music, theater and movement, serves as a point of departure for invigorating the human imagination and creativity, even in the first months and years of one’s life. Through its many different media: the text, movement, audio-visual forms, the sound, or even the concept, contemporary art offers a broad field for educational endeavors, particularly in the area of creativity and empathy. It is a source of inspiration for the intellect and a driving force for learning about the world. One of its most conspicuous traits is ambiguity and openness. It opens up the mind, stimulates dialogue, and serves as an impulse for creative, never-ending discussions. Through its close relationship to modernity, technology and the media, it satiates curiosity but also – more importantly – it activates it. Contemporary art is a rich source of inspiration for educational activities as it touches on issues which are close to us: those with which we have a daily, physical contact, as well as the more abstract ones. It tells us about its creative, multifaceted language.

Address: Jazdów 2, 00-467, Warszawa

Opening hours:

Monday: 12–7PM
Tuesday: 12–7PM
Wednesday: 12–7PM
Thursday: 12–9PM
Friday 12–7PM
Saturday: 12–7PM
Sunday: 12–7PM


Regular: 12 zł
Discounted: 6 zł
Family ticket (2 adults and children): 20 zł
Group ticket per person (minimum 10 persons): 6 zł

Free admission on Thursday



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