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Changes coming to Uber licensing in Warsaw

The government has adopted a draft amendment to the Road Transport Act. The new regulations apply primarily to taxi transport. They take into account the system of ordering transport by a mobile application. Previously, the regulations did not regulate this market.

The amendment to the Road Transport Act ensures that drivers who carry passengers, have registered a business activity, are healthy and do not have a criminal record for the sale or trafficking of illegal drugs. It will also be necessary to have a license authorizing the commercial carriage of persons.

As the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk told the Informational Radio Agency, thanks to the new regulations, the trip will be safer, because the passenger will be sure that the person who is carrying it, has been positively verified by the broker. Intermediary, ie the owner of the application who orders transport of a driver not meeting the requirements, will be punished.

Not just a taximeter

The new regulations allow drivers to choose between two systems of accounting with offices. They may, as before, do so using a taximeter and a cash register. The taxi driver can, however, change the system to sign up with the owner of the application if he agrees to work on the principles set by that company (receiving bank payments from companies like Uber).

Lower costs for drivers

It also lowers the costs of obtaining a license for the driver. As Andrzej Adamczyk informed, the license issued for the period from 2 to 15 years is to cost PLN 320. Today, it costs 700 zlotys. The costs of other licenses will also be reduced.

The project will now be dealt with by the parliament . The changes would be effective from January 1, 2020.

Is this a good thing for the city of Warsaw? Or a bad thing? Let us know in the comment section.



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