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How to Check your Driving Penalty Points

In Poland all driving licence holders start with zero points and they can earn a maximum of twenty four points before their driving licence will be taken away from them. Some offence that will see points added to your licence can be speeding, driving dangerously, not following road rules and more. These points are ‘stack-able’ and you can be given multiple points in one police stop, for example if you were being followed by police for some time and you were speeding, you overtook on a solid white line and then you were not wearing a seat belt you could be given the corresponding points per offence all at once. You can learn more about what offence equal what amount of points in our article: Polish Driving Penalty Points Explained

As mentioned above if you reach twenty four penalty points you will lose the ability to drive in Poland, so it is important to keep up to date with how many points are currently recorded on your driving licence. When you are stopped by police on the side of the road they can take your personal details from your driving licence and then they can add points to your licence via the police national computer. We would recommend checking the system after you received points to ensure the correct number of penalty points was add and for the correct offence because if the information is incorrect it could massively impact your insurance costs.

How to check online

To check your driving penalty points online you’ll need something called ‘Profilu Zaufanego‘. This translates to a ‘Trusted Profile’, a trusted profile is something you can set up with the Polish government to prove who you are online and will give you access to many online services. We have an article explaining more here: What is Profilu Zaufanego and how to get one

I have my Trusted Profile, how to check online:

– Click this link (takes you to login page)
– The system will take you to your profile page trusted and then you’ll need to log in to your account.
– After logging in the system will take you back to the site OBYWATEL.GOV.PL.
– Information about your penalty points will be displayed immediately.
– You can download it in PDF format and print – if you want. This print is informative – this is not an official document. This means that the court or authority may not consider it a legal docment such a document (for example as evidence in the case).

If you need an official certificate of penalty points, you’ll get them at the police station.

The database is updated once a day, so the information displayed may change. Therefore, if in doubt, check your penalty points again the next day.

How to check at a Police station

You will most likely need a Polish speaker with you to complete this task.

Anyone who wants to get information about points in your account and you can also request information about anyone else.

What to do:

– Go to the nearest police station
– Ask a policeman penalty points on your account by showing your driving licence

You can get a certificate with information about the number of penalty points on your account if you want. This certificate can be useful – for example, it may require from you, your employer, if you will ride official car. The Police did not provide such information by phone or email.

How much does the certificate cost?

If you just request the information orally then the process is free.

If you require an official certificate for say employment reasons then you’ll need to pay 17 PLN (about 4 euro). The police station will provide you with bank transfer details and then when you go to collect the certificate you must provide a document that confirms your identity (passport) and confirmation of payment or transfer.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We are unable to answer any questions we might have and always recommend you seek the advice of a legal professional at a registered law firm



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