Drink Driving Laws in Poland

Poland takes driving under the influence of either drink or drugs very serious. Here at Warsaw Local we would not recommend driving anywhere in Poland with any alcohol in your system as it is very easy to fail a road side breath test due to the strict restrictions in place.

Being stopped by Police

The Polish police have a legal right to stop any motorized vehicles on its streets. When signaled to stop by a Police officer by them using their lights or be signalling you to follow them with their hands you must do so . Failure to stop for police without a valid and legal reason can lead you to being charged with more serious crimes.

Not matter if you are being stopped on suspicion of a motoring offence or just for a routine stop you’ll be requested to produce your:

– Driving license
– Car registration card
– Car insurance paperwork

Remember that these documents are a must for driving in Warsaw and if you can not produce these items on request you can face a fine of 50 PLN (about ten euros) per document.

If you were the driver in charge of a motorized vehicle then the police have a legal right to request a sample of breath for analysis. This is done by blowing in to a plastic tube connected to a small computer device held by the Police officer:

Failure to provide a breath sample or refusal carries the same penalty as providing a positive alcohol breath sample.

Punishment if found guilty

The blood alcohol limit while driving is 0.02% which is pretty low comparing to EU standards with Croatia being 0.05%, France 0.05% and Spain 0.05% and Italy up to 0.08%

If you drive and have been drinking (even 1 unit of alcohol) you can be charged.

If you are found to have a blood alcohol limit at 0.02% you will have your driving license revoked and banned from six months up to three years and you can face jail time up to one month.

If you are found to have a blood alcohol limit above 0.05% you will have your driving license banned from minimum three years and can face prison up to three years.

Prison sentence for cycling while drunk.

Two thousand Poles are currently in prison for riding a bicycle whilst under the influence of alcohol. – BBC News

Poland takes riding a bicycle as serious as driving a motorized vehicle. If you are found drunk on a bicycle you WILL lose your driving licence and can face jail time.

Under a law passed in 2000, anyone riding a bike under the influence of alcohol faces a fine or up to two years in prison, depending on the level of their intoxication. Many courts in Poland apply the stricter penalty and the average sentence is 11.5 months imprisonment.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We are unable to answer any questions we might have and always recommend you seek the advice of a legal professional at a registered law firm



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