English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw

English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw

Warsaw is a great city to live and has all the modern day luxury’s of any European capital….but you also need to be aware that communication can be a problem if you don’t speak the local language of Polish (if you’d like to learn some basic phrases then check out our article: Learn Polish for free). If this article we are going to cover a range of handpicked and recommended best English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw. All these recommendations came from English speaking expats here in Warsaw and they all agreed that here is where you can absolutely spoil yourself with the best places for a manicure/pedicure, from nail-art galleries to affordable spots.


Manièra’s tag line is ‘second place does not exist!’, so they take their nail work seriously! Manièra focus on being a nail salon only, so you won’t find other services such as hair dressing or waxing. The staff that work at Manièra are experts at what they do because it’s a skill they put a lot of time in to every single day.

Manièra are proud of not only the quality of their work, which is confirmed by many expats here in Warsaw. Manièra is also proud of its speed of services too. A set of manicure / pedicure can be done in 60 minutes!

A post shared by Manièra (@manieranailbar) on

A post shared by Manièra (@manieranailbar) on

Tip: Ask for Anna, who has received great recommendations with her English
Address: Mokotowska 39, 00-551 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 22 628 39 39

K&P Studio SPA

K&P Studio SPA is a Nail Salons here in Warsaw, that offers much more! Opened since 2007 it is still alive because of its high quality of service and returning customers. At K&P Studio SPA you’ll find a range of affordable nail and hand care services from:

– Painting
– Gel Nails
– French Nails
– Japanese shine
– And much more.

K&P Studio SPA is more than only a Nail Salon. They offer a range of services such as hair dressing, beauty treatments and waxing.

Expat Tip: Ask for Ewa
Address: K & P Studio, plac Grzybowski 6, 00-109 Warszawa
Phone: 22 428 43 45


In a poll of English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw by expats in Warsaw ‘Eyebar’ was a name that appeared many times. Eyebar pride themselves as one of the best nail bars in Warsaw, offering a range of different services including:

– Classic
– Vinyl
– Manicures
– Hybrid nails
– Japanese style
– And much more

Eyeball is also child friendly 🙂

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Eyebar is one of the only salons on our English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw list that also provide eye brows beauty services and eye lash extensions. Eyebar also provide a wide range of hair dressing services and facials.

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Address: ul. Postępu 14, Inflancka 4b, Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 22 101 72 71

Ochota Nails

Ochota Nails gets its name from the fact it is in the Ochota district of Warsaw. Ochota Nails is another one of the many great English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw recommended by the expat community.

Prices taken from their Facebook page (subject to change):

Manicure 45zł 30min
Hybrid Manicure 90zł 45min
Japanese Manicure 65zł 30min
Manicure vinylux 65zł 30min
Pedicure 90zł 1h
Hybrid Pedicure 130zł 1,5h
Japanese pedicure 110zł 1h
Medicinal pedicure 120zł 1,5h
Painting 20zł 15min
Paraffin 30zł 30min
Extension of the nail gel / acrylic 150 PLN 1,5h
Supplement 100zł 1h
Extension + Hybrid 200zł 1,5h
Nail repair 10zł 15min

A post shared by Ochota Nails (@ochotanails) on

A post shared by Ochota Nails (@ochotanails) on

Address: Tarczyńska 9, Warsaw
Phone: 507 212 193


Manikultura is a unique and modern place for those who value professionalism, world-class manicure, pedicure, face care and eyelash extensions. Manikultura state on their website that their customers feel the uniqueness and magic of the place and professional service.

Manikultura was opened in 2015 by Eliza Szlagier. On the Manikultura website you’ll see many certificates of courses she has completed in her field.

Manikultura also provide a range of packages that can be bought as gifts which can include anything from two treatments up to more than ten! Great for the beauty queen in your life that loves to be pampered.

Address: ul.Sarmacka 1b locality 56, 02-972 Warsaw
Phone: 691 666 202

Did we list out your favorite nail salon in our English Speaking Nail Salons in Warsaw list? Let’s us know and share your favorites with the English speaking community in Warsaw in the comment section.



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