English Theater in Warsaw

English Theater in Warsaw

The capital city of Poland has everything you’d expect from a modern day European city. You can find all the common brand name stores, interesting history, bars, clubs and restaurants. However, if you’re new to the city of Warsaw or if you’re planning to visit the city you need to know that there is a language barrier. Now most of the for-mentioned places such as bars and restaurants will have English menus and English speaking staff, it does not mean you’ll find English everywhere. We recently received an email asking about English Theater in Warsaw and to be honest even as people born in the city we’d never heard of it. We set out to discover if there is any English Theater in Warsaw and here is what we discovered So no matter if you don’t speak polish yet? You can still make the most of your time in Warsaw!

Capitol Theater

Capitol Theater was founded in 2008 thanks to the passion and courage of its founders – theater and film actress Anna Gornostaj and her husband – director Stanisław Mączyński.

The uniqueness of this venue can be seen from the very entrance – the interior surprises with the unique design and colors. The performances are played on two modern theatrical stages – the Big Stage and the Small Stage. Both scenes have comfortable, amphitheater audiences, and for the viewers comfort, all the rooms of the Theater are air-conditioned.

Capitol Theater is a unique place as not only is it a Theater, but it also combines a night club called Klub Capitol. After a showing on a weekend, the club is open to theater guest to join and also the public. There are large seating areas and bottle service available. The combination of club and theater space under one roof is an innovative idea that allows you to spend a long and special evening here.

The CAPITOL Theater is a place for the whole family. For the youngest viewers they dedicate fairy-tale mornings with plays. For young adults they offer educational plays based on famous polish novels and interactive musicals.

The Capitol Theatre cares about the growing international community of Warsaw by being one of the first to offer English Theater in Warsaw. There are many plays with English subtitles. The performance is done in Polish and to the left and right of the stage there are large TV style screens so that everybody in audience will be able to see them and read them on time. Most of their plays are comedies so if you are looking for an entertaining evening with a lot of laughs this is a perfect place for you!

You can find the current showings on their website here and every play that offers English subtitles is marked below as shown:


Teatr Dramatyczny

The Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw was created based on the document of the Resolution of the City Council of Warsaw of November 8, 2012 as a result of the merger of two cultural institutions: Teatr Dramatyczny them. Gustaw Holoubek and the Na Woli Theater Tadeusz Łomnicki on January 1, 2013.

Very beautiful and elegant inside it offers its guests a very fancy evening in one of the most famous and monumental buildings in Warsaw.

Teatr Dramatyczny was founded in 1949 as the Theater of the Polish Army Home. In 1955, it received the venue at the Palace of Culture and Science where it is still located today. It was on his boards that the most important Polish performances of the turn of the 1950s and 1960s were prepared by outstanding artists of that time. It quickly became an open theater, seeking inspiration.

They offer plays in two locations: in Palace of Culture and Science and on small stage in Wola district so make sure you always read the description where your play takes place.

Most of the plays are dramas based on famous novels so they offer a very serious artistic experience and great actors work. A lot of monologues and analyses of human nature and deep life situations.

You can find the current repertoire here and every play that offers English subtitles is marked:

English Stand Up

If you’re searching for something more informal and fun than going to a grand Theater then the team over at the Facebook page English Stand Up Poland will be perfect for you! From their Facebook page they describe themselves as:

We are a collection of English speaking comedians based all over Poland, the goal of this page is to keep Stand up fans up to date with all the events happening in your area. Like the page to get up dates of new videos, competitions and next events

You will find a range of comedy shows presented by them with comedies from Canada, England, Czech and many other locations!

Their shows are almost always presented in English and you won’t need to buy tickets in advance like other English Theater in Warsaw. The ticket prices can range from 15 to 30zl depending on the day and the performer. We always recommend checking their Facebook event for more details.

We hope that you enjoyed this article on English Theater in Warsaw. If we missed a good one be sure to share it with the community in the comment section:



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