Extreme Actives in Warsaw

Want to try something different this weekend? Or make the most of your stay in Warsaw with a unique experience? Then check out some of these cool ‘Extreme’ actives in Warsaw.

1. Flyspot

The most innovative wind tunnel in the world. It allows you to feel like jumping with parachute from 4000m.

“Flyspot is a closed air circuit vertical wind tunnel with a diameter of 4.5 meters (14ft), in which the high-powered fans generate a uniform airflow of speeds up to 310 km/h. The most powerful, fastest, most perfect vertical wind tunnel in the world.”

Located on the border of Warsaw and Ożarów Mazowiecki. The exact adress is: Wspólna Droga 1, 05-850 Mory.

How to go there: the best and fastest way is by car and it takes 20minutes from center of Warsaw but its possible to take urban train too.

From Warsaw central station you need to catch the train to station called Warszawa Gołąbki and from there it is 10 minutes walk.

Opening hours: 8:30 – 24:00

One flight duration: 1.5 minutes.

What’s included in the price? Short training, help of professional instructor, helmet, glasses, ears protectors and the clothes set. (There is no possibility to stay only in your own clothing).

Is it safe? 100%. Inside the tunnel there is always an instructor to support you and watch you and the person controlling the speed and power of the wind is watching you and can turn off the power immediately at any point.

Children beginner – 219zł

Adults beginner – 249zł

In the place there is other attraction too: BOEING 737 SIMULATOR

The only one in Poland, professional, full-size boeing 737 aircraft simulator with 4K resolution. You can learn here how the work of the pilot looks like, how to control this large machine. You will be able to sit in the cockpit and use all the buttons and indicators.

BOEING 737 SIMULATOR 20 minutes beginner – 249zł

2. Hangar 646

It is a huge (2700 m2) trampoline park where sport meets fun. It consists of 60 trampolines (including the biggest professional trampoline with the size of 25 m2), swimming pool with sponges and a ramp that you can use to jump on skateboard, skates, bike or snowboard. It’s a great fun for both – children or adults where they can learn some acrobatics and forget about outside world.


Trampolines/ramp – 34 zł perh hour.

You need to add the cost of 5zł for special socks that will help you not to slip.

As the place is very overcrowded its better to make an online reservation:

Online bookings:

How to get there?

From the city center (Metro centrum) you need to catch the bus 507 and leave on the bus stop “BORA – KOMOROWSKIEGO”

3. Bungee jumping Mario

The jump is arranged from a 90meters crane and at the top you will see the stunning panorama of the city. It is located in a beautiful park 5,5km far from the Palace of Culture and Science.

The price for one jump:

1 person – 130zł
2 people jumping together– 260zł
GoPro rental – 30zł

It is possible to go up only to see the view – 20zł


Opening hours – 12:00 – 19:00.

Location: Park im. E. Szymańskiego

How to get there?

From the palace of culture you need to take the tram number 10 in direction OS. GÓRCZEWSKA

And you need to leave at bus stop called OS.WOLSKA. From the bus stop it is short 6 min walk around the park:

4. Rope park

Ropes Park Warszawa is an adventure park on the bank of Wisła river, next to ZOO and within 15 min walk from Old Town. It has a stunning view of the river and old town panorama. 3 trails of different difficulty guarantee fun for both kids and adults. Professional staff and equipment provide full safety.


Low trail – 30zł
Medium trail – 40zł
High trail (clients at least 140cm tall) – 50zł

Training in English is always available.

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 11:00 – 19:00. For bigger groups it is opened 7 days per week.

Location: ul. Wybrzeże Helskie 1/5, close to the Warsaw ZOO.

How to get there?

From Palace of Culture and Science you need to take tram number 4 in direction ŻERAŃ WSCHODNI and leave at the tram stop PARK PRASKI.

From there it is 9 minutes walk through the park:

5. Go karts

The first and only blacktop racetrack in Warsaw which will give you the excitement of real competition!

It is located inside the area of National Stadium and allows you to enjoy the beautiful view of the city center’s skyscrapers, Vistula river and national stadium.

Equipment: Modern CRG karts 10 HP.
Opening hours : 13:00 -22:00.

Prices for 8 minutes ride:

CRG Centurion for adults – 49zł
CRG Junior for kids – 59zł
CRG Taxi for 2 people – 69zł

Location: National Stadium. 3,5km far from Palace of Culture and Science.
How to get there?

Tram 22,9 or 25 and you need to leave the tram on the stop called “RONDO WASZYNGTONA”.

From the tram stop it is 12 minutes walk around the national stadium:

Did we miss any important ones? Let us know if the comments.



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