Free Rock Climbing Wall in Warsaw

Love rock climbing and bouldering? Or you just want to try it out for the first time? Well you’ll be happy and surprised to discover that in Praga district of Warsaw, and only a short ride via public transport is an amazing free outdoor climbing wall (Ścieżka równowagi).

Every year in different districts of Warsaw the local community submit ideas of how they would like local council money to be spent. Some choice outdoor gyms, football pitches and more, however the people of Praga voted for this outdoor climbing wall and thanks to the community it is free and open to all people of Warsaw. You can see some of the ideas people have submitted for 2018 on this website: Budżet partycypacyjn (website is only in Polish)

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The climbing wall has something for everybody. There are smaller climbing routes that go sideways instead of upwards for children and then they have extremely tight routes with realistic rock shapes for the experts were you’ll be hanging just by your finger tips.

We spoke with some local climbers who told us they have been coming for over one year and still enjoy it and find new challengers all the time. They said it was a great work out and a great way to meet locals that share the same passion as them.

How to get there

The free rock climbing wall is easy to get to by public transport. There are many bus that go in that direction. From Zloty Trasy you cross the road to the bus stop closest to the Palace of culture and science. From here you can take the 160 bus and the stop you will leave at is Most Świętokrzyski 01. The bus stop is almost right next to the climbing wall so it is very easy to spot.

If you are in a different location in the city then use jakdojade a free public transport tool that will show you the best route for you to take. If you’d like to get a warm up before starting your climb then why not take of the Warsaw city bikes. From the Palace of culture and science the climbing wall is 3.5km. If you do not already have an account to use the city bikes this video explains how you can easily and cheaply own an account:

If you know of any more hidden spots like this in Warsaw then let people know in the comment section so they too can enjoy Warsaw.



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