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Hannibal of Żoliborz: man accused of murdering an Italian language teacher

Today the trial of Kajetan P. has started. Kajetan P. is accused of murdering an Italian language teacher for which he has been labelled the “Hannibal of Żoliborz”, and investigators dealing with the case say: “He has a sick and terrifying mind. He will continue to kill”.

The Case

A 29-year-old librarian, he is accused of murdering Katarzyna J., an Italian language teacher. In February 2016, Kajetan P. met her in Wola in Warsaw, and later killed her using a knife. Later he dismembered her corpse and took a taxi to his apartment in Żoliborz .

Kajetan P. later set fire to the premises and he fled abroad. After almost two weeks, when the European arrest warrant and the so-called Interpol’s red note, he was detained in Malta.

Immediately after he got to Poland, Kajetan P. was interrogated and he heard the charge of the murder of a woman. As one of the prosecutors said at the time, Kajetan P. pleaded guilty and “put together explanations that coincide with the evidence”.

Although 28-year-old P. formally remains an innocent person until the verdict, no one, not even his lawyers, have no doubt that it was him who on February 3, 2016 hit the neck of 30-year-old Katarzyna.

The evidence collected by the prosecution testifies to this indisputably: traces in the victim’s apartment, traces in the accused’s apartment, witness testimony, including a taxi driver who transported him from Wola to Żoliborz, and the blood of the victim in the trunk of the bag. The catalog of evidence is complemented by extremely complex explanations without a hint of emotion. P. described in them, step by step, how he planned the crime and how he carried it out.

Earlier assaults

There is only one thing that remains a mystery in this matter: what hides the accused’s mind. This will be the most important question that the court will look for answers to.

Expert opinions are contradictory. The first team, composed of psychiatrists and psychologists who studied Kajetan P., concluded that he was completely insane. However, the prosecutor’s office decided to set up a second team. And he found that although the accused had limited sanity, he could stand trial.

Kajetan P.’s behavior is difficult to match to any pattern. Attacks of aggression had happened in the past before the murder of Katarzyna. He beat his own father among other attacks. After being arrested, on the way from Malta (where he arrived, escaping from the police), he attacked one of the escorting officers, although there were so many of them on board that he was instantly overpowered. It was only three months when he put a piece of glass to the neck of a psychologist who was studying him in a prison cell.

He could cut her artery. It would be a fraction of a second, no one would be able to react but he didn’t.

Reports a source that saw the recording of the event recorded by the prison camera told us. And yet he did not hurt her.

Interviews of expert psychiatrists and psychologists will be key elements of this process. The court will not only listen to their opinions, but also confront them with each other.

Possible closed court

First, the court will have to decide whether it will allow the audience (and therefore also the journalists) to participate in the hearings. The request for secrecy of the trial has already been filed, but not yet recognized.

The prosecutor may, in accordance with article 360 ​​par. 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, express objection. Then the trial must be openly. It is not known, however, whether he will choose to use this provision.

As we learned, a few days ago it was also uncertain whether all the experts could reach the Monday hearing on which they are to listen to the explanations of Kajetan P. The submission of explanations by the accused is always the first act after reading the indictment.

The next court trial dates were set for June 18 and July 4.



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