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India Express (Sienna 87) Breakfast Review

Here at Warsaw Local we always like to experience something different and we are always on the hunt for something new and interesting in Warsaw. When we heard about an Indian restaurant that also servers traditional Indian breakfast items we were very intrigued. We visited Indian Express on Sienna 87 to discover more. and here is our experience:

How to Find Indian Express (Sienna)

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference as it is the tallest building in the city (and Poland!)

India Express is in a very central and easy to reach location. You would not need to take public transport to reach there. From the Palace of Culture and Science it took us about 15 minutes. If you plan to visit by car there is free park outside, but as there are a lot of apartments and offices in the area it could be a struggle at busy times.

Price and Menu

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The menu is simple and easy to read. It was a nice layout with the title looking like a newspaper. The menu we were presented with was only in Polish, however the staff were happy to explain everything to us.

They have a ‘set menu’ each day of the week which provides great value for money and great tastes too by the sound of it!

The place mat on the table also had some special offers too. Such as if you order 10 of the set menus then you’ll only pay 10zl per person. They also state that they are happy to deliver this anywhere within Warsaw, so that is something great to note if your office want to discover something new together. There are other offers too such as if you buy five set lunch menus you can get some free wine and if you spend over 90zl on anything else you can get free wine too! This is not something we see if many restaurants in Warsaw. It is appreciated.

We visited India Express early in the morning on a weekend, so we decided to go with the Breakfast menu.

We ordered:

Tea masala – 1.99zł
Mango lassi – 10zł
Masala dosa – 12.99zł
Gobi ka omlate 19 99zł

Total bill: 44.97zł

India Express is extremely great value for money! We don’t review many breakfasts venues, but we do review a lot of lunch and dinner menus and it is quite rare for us to get a total bill for two people under 50zł. Even though it is low cost they do not compromise on quality which we will discuses now.

Our Experience

Our drinks were severed first. India Express provided a range of standard drinks such as coke, Fanta, and so on. However, as we are in an Indian restaurant we want to try something authentic. My guest went with the classic Mango Lassi. It was bright yellow as you would expect, it was thick with a a yogurt/milk shake texture and served chilled. It was packed with the Mango flavor you’d expect and didn’t disappoint. They only serve one size, so if you’re greedy like me you should order two.

The next drink served was Tea Masala. I wasn’t sure what drink to select and asked for a recommendation and Tea Masala was the one. If you know of any drink severed in Warsaw severed in a restaurant that is not water under 2zł please let us know if the comment section as we have never seen it.

The tea was presented in a large metal pouring jug with a small glass. I am from England, where it is common to drink milk with tea. I know this makes some Polish people open their eyes slightly (like my guest did). If you have never tried it then give it a go! Millions of English people can’t be wrong. The tea was severed hot so after pouring I left it for about three minutes to cool down. It was just what I expected as a tea drinker. I was satisfied.

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While waiting for the Tea to cool down we were severed with our two breakfast dishes. My guest ordered Gobi ka omlat which came nicely presented with a small dish of Mango dipping sauce.

We were not sure if you are meant to eat it with your hands or a knife and fork, but we just grabbed at it and began tearing it apart. The dish consists of one Indian style omelette and chapatis. The omelette was full of taste, it was light and fluffy and easily torn apart without much force needed. It was so packed with flavor we finished it without even using the provided Mango dipping sauce. We did use the dipping sauce on the provided breads. The breads were light and fluffy. Perfect way to start the day.

The next dish to try was the Masala Dosa. This was a large dish that was so big it was hanging off the plate! It was severed with two sauces, one was a a dark orange colored sauce and the other was a yogurt based sauce.

This was a first time for either me or my guest to try a Dosa. We were unsure how to start, so we cut through the middle of it with a knife and fork. It was densely packed in the middle with what we found out to be a collection of: Rice, lentils, potato, methi, and curry leaves.

It was so tightly packed that you could break a piece off with your hand and eat it without the content falling all over the plate/floor.

We really recommend this dish for those that want to experience something new. This is not your typical ‘tourist style’ Indian food, but authentic food that you could find many Indians eating in south India. The outside of the dish was a thin and crispy style pancake that was easy to cut through but not flaky like a pastry which easily breaks. This pancake style wrap was firmer. The filling was dense and could be a good start to the day for those that get hungry easily.

We later learnt that the sauce was not a curry, but was a dish called Sambar.  Sambar is a lentil-based vegetable stew or chowder cooked with a tamarind broth originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is popular in South Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines. It was meant only for the Dosa dish, but we like to live life on the edge and used for it dipping most of our dishes in. Don’t tell the chef!

Service and Waiting time

The service was great! The venue is not very large, so no matter where you choose to sit you are near the kitchen. After placing our drinks order we could see them appear from the kitchen hole within what seemed like only seconds. There were a few other guests eating when we arrived but this did not impact our waiting time. From ordering to eat was less than ten minutes.

The lady that served us was extremely nice, polite and well spoken. We felt the level of customer service was like that of a restaurant that would charge double, if not triple the same cost.

Decor and atmosphere

They did a great job of making this space feel young, hip and still true to its Indian roots. We really liked the painting on the walls. Much better than just a few framed images that you seem to see in every single Indian restaurant. The blue of the chairs matched the venue and the metal chairs matched the bare brick walls well.

We arrived early for the breakfast venue and there were not many people, but due to the size of the venue we can imagine a busy and bustling atmosphere on a weekend dinner time.

Language Barriers

As a native English speaker that doesn’t speak Polish I sometimes struggle with restaurants in Warsaw that don’t have English speaking staff but that is not a problem with India Express. The only problem I came in contact with was the menu was only in Polish and there was no English option available. Thankfully the staff were happy to explain each dish and offer recommendations.

Final Impression and things to note

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to India Express on Sienna street. We enjoyed it so much than we plan to visit one of their other venues to try their lunch or dinners. The food was great value for money considering the quality, it had a great central location and a great level of customer service.

The many thing we’d ask people to note is the size of the venue. The above picture shows the main seating area. There is some window space, but if you want to book a large company party or birthday party you might be limited to about 20 people. On the subjects of large groups if you are visiting in a group size larger than four to six people we’d really recommend calling ahead and double checking they have the seating space available.

Have you visited India Express on Sienna street? Share your experience in the comment section. 



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