The Best Free Public Transport App in Warsaw

Jakdojade is a must have if you’re traveling around the city of Warsaw. Either by using the website or mobile app, Jakdojade will help you find the fastest and cheapest way of using public transport.

– Help you plan your route via public transport
– Help you understand when you need to leave
– Help you understand what time ticket you need to purchase
– Set an alarm that will ring when you are getting close to your location
– Will automatically work out if you need to take a bus, tram or metro

The Jakdojade website is free to use and can be viewed on a mobile phone internet browser. There is also a Google Android app and a Apple iPhone app.

By using this free* app you can save money on taxis and see more of the city on a budget. You will need internet data on your mobile for this app to work, but check out our guide: Cost of Mobile Internet Data in Poland

The iPhone app is not free, but you can still visit the website for free

Below we are going to showcase all the features of Jakdojade and show an example of use travelling from Nowy Swiat (a major street in Warsaw) to the Warsaw Uprising Museum

First you need to open the app or visit the website. This article is focused on using the app.

You can visit the Jakdojade website through your website browser, so then you don’t need to download the app. We’d highly recommend taking the time to download the app because it offers more features, has a better user-interface and is more convenient.

Google Android

The Google Android of version of Jakdojade is free with ads and also offers an upgrade to the pro version for 6.99zł a year which removes the ads, tells your all the departure times for the nearest bus stops and also helps support the developers. The pro version is not necessary if you’re only visiting Warsaw for a short amount of time.

Download Jakdojade for Google Android

Apple iPhone

There is no free app version of Jakdojade for Apple iPhone’s or iPad’s. You can visit the website through your internet browser for free. If you’d like the purchase the app from the Apple app store and it costs 18,99zł. This is a one-time fee.

Download Jakdojade for Apple iPhone

The next step is to enter your current location and your destination location.

When you click on the location that is labelled ‘my location’ you can either type the name of a street, building or business name. If you’re unsure of your current location then by clicking the GPS compass button to the right of the ‘my location’ text it will automatically fill out this section with your current location through the magic of GPS. From our experience it is very precise. You will need to have your GPS switched on for this to work and if your GPS is off you’ll be promoted to turn it on.

If you have used Jakdojade before then when clicking the ‘my location’ section you’ll be presented with a list of your previous searches. This can make life easier saving you having to add your home address in all the time. It is also helpful if you forget where your hotel or hostel is.

The Polish language can be quite difficult for English speakers and some of the road names can be very long. Jakdojade has a great auto-fill feature that as you begin to type the name of a street it will begin guessing where you want to go and you can simply tap the name and it will auto-fill the section out for you.

After entering you start and end locations you can select departure time or arrival time.

The Jakdojade app provides lots of great features. Once you have selected your locations you can either select a time for departure which means you want to find out the time the next bus, tram or metro is leaving your starting location. The other option is the arrival time. Let’s say you need to be somewhere in a few hours, but you’re unsure how long it will take you arrive or when you should leave. Using the arrival option it will tell you what time you need to enter the bus to arrive at your destination at an exact time.

Once you have selected your options and the locations are filled out you simply click the large green button.

Select the journey that you want to take.

Jakdojade is really smart in the way it will give you lots of different ways to reach your destination. It will display to you times for metro, buses and trams. In this example it shows us that we can reach the uprising museum from Nowy Swiat via bus or Metro. There is not tram option shown because there are no trams on this street.

You can select in the setting to not show times for different means of transport. If you don’t want to be shown metro times then you can disable the metro option.

The large red square means that the bus is almost there and you should already be standing at the bus stop. The smaller time shown in green is the time the bus will arrive and the smaller time shown in blue is the time you will leave the bus. The arrival time can be slightly impacted due to traffic.

Once you have selected a mode of transports you’d like to take, you will be shown the details of the name of the stop you’re currently at and the name of the stop you need to leave at. Not all modes of transport will tell you the name of the stops up and coming, but Jakdojade will. If you want to learn how to read the guide on bus or tram then watch the video below.

Once you have selected your journey it will again show you how long until it arrives at the location you are currently standing and it will also show you the number of the bus you need to enter. In this example we are waiting for the 105.

By default Jakdojade will only show you the start and end location. If you click on the small arrow highlighted here with the large red arrow, it will show you every stop you’ll stop at. The number next to the time explains how many stops, so in this example the bus will stop seven times before. The time shows the expected time it will stop at each one of these stops.

If you see the grey walking man figure below your end location then this means that you’ll need to walk to reach your location once leaving the bus. It will give you a rough estimate of time and distance.

On all buses, trams and metros you’ll find guides of the up and coming stops.

Watch 1:53 to learn about what stops are coming and how to find your stop name

Watch 3:03 to learn how to read the paper timetables on the bus or tram stops.

There are also options to set an alarm or find out what ticket you need to buy.

Public transport tickets are based on time traveled and you can buy 20 minute, 75 minute and 90 minute tickets. Once you have validated your ticket you can travel as much as you like on any ZTM bus, tram or metro within the time limit. If you’re new the the city of Warsaw then you might not know how long it will take to reach your destination. Jakdojade has got you covered with its time estimation tool. By clicking the ticket icon it will tell you what ticket you should buy. In this example our whole journey is 12 minutes, so Jakdojade has recommended that we buy a 20 minute ticket. There are many different tickets available including family passes and weekend passes. Learn more about the different tickets available here: Public Transport Tickets Explained

There is also an alarm feature. If you’re travelling for a long amount of time then you can select an alarm to go off when you are getting near you location. You can use this as a tool to remember when to leave the bus, but it is also a good feature to remember when to leave your house or a reminder of the last tram at night.

You can track yourself on the map via GPS and you can still use Jakdojade when you leave the bus for directions when walking.

If you have GPS enabled then as the bus starts to move you will see yourself move on the map too. This is very helpful in understanding how long is left and when you should begin getting ready to leave.

If your end location is not right next to a bus or tram stop then you’ll be given walking directions. These are labelled in grey and work similar to the GPS tracking on the bus. As you begin to walk you’ll see the marker that is you move too. This will show you if you’re traveling in the right direction or not.

Different ways to travel around Warsaw

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One of the greenest ways to see the city is by renting of one of the city bikes. It is one of the cheapest modes of transport in Warsaw, costing only 10zl to open an account and being riding today.