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Krowarzywa Review

Warsaw Local visited Krowarzywa, on Marszałkowska 27/35A, 00-639 Warszawa, 15th February, 2016.

I need to be honest at the opening, I have am a huge meat lover and Krowarzywa is a vegan burger bar. I honestly couldn’t tell you if I have ever even tried a Vegan burger, but you only live once. Let’s see how it went….

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference. Now, it is possible to walk from the Palace to Krowarzywa, it is much simpler to jump of one of the many trams as they all go in the same direction. We took the number 35 tram and it took about us about seven minutes

If you want to walk then it would take you about 25 minutes.

And here is a picture of the outside to make it a little easier to find:

Prices and Menu

The menu was written on a board in Polish, but clearly in English it said that an English menu was available.

we were really surprised by the pricing! We would say that Krowarzywa is one of the top three cheapest places we have reviewed and number one for value! The price of the food is great for the price. We would highly recommend Krowarzywa if you’re on a tight budget.

We ordered Cieciorex (chickpeas, parsley, peopper and herbs) and my guest ordered the Tofex (slices of smoked tofu, marinated in herbs and grilled). We also tried two smoothies, one Orange, banana, ginger and parsley and another smoothie of rice pudding, banana, pea protein and carrot.

The bill came to a very impressive: 53zl, but without drink it would have only been 29zl! You’ll struggle to find anywhere near the city center where two people can eat at for less than 30zl. Ten out of ten for pricing!

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We arrived at a very busy time (about 18:15) and there were no tables available, but very luckily a couple were just leaving, so we swooped in and got that table. We did see people wait much longer for a seat though.

When ordering your food, you’re given a number on a piece of paper. We ordered our food and waited, and waited, and waited. After about 20 minutes of waiting, we noticed that another table had our order. This is a self service bar, so it is possible, someone misheard their order and took ours. The staff were very kind and understanding, and we waiting only another five minutes for our food to arrive.

My guest ordered the Tofex (slices of smoked tofu, marinated in herbs and grilled):

It was nicely presented for the fast food style place that Krowarzywa is. It was served in a thick paper that you could easily walk and eat with, without worrying about getting half of the burger down the front of your clothes.

The tofu was great! I have found tofu to be plain and too boring in the past, but this was bursting with earthy flavours, strong but not whelming smokey tasting notes which really complemented the fresh and bouncy lettuce. The bread was warm and slightly toasted too! This was a great touch.

I ordered Cieciorex (chickpeas, parsley, peopper and herbs):

If you’re scared of trying something new, then this one looks most like a ‘normal’ burger. I was very impressed upon the first bite. The chickpeas are full of delicious flavor, I couldn’t get enough! Every bite was full of something new, from lettuce, to pickles, to the softly toast bread. This one was by far my personal favorite, and I am being completely honest when I say this, but if I returned and they sold meat, I would still order this. It was just a nice change from the same old boring burger that everyone has had a million times over.

The drinks were an interesting experience, the rice pudding, banana, pea protein and carrot was pretty heavy. After finishing my burger, I didn’t have space left to finish it. I can see why it is almost the same price as a burger now, it will fill your stomach the same.

The Orange, banana, ginger and parsley smoothie had a much fruiter taste to it. It was a lot smoother and easier to drink. The ginger added a very slight ‘kick’, but it wasn’t enough to call it spicy.


Krowarzywa is self-service. You order at the counter and you collect at the counter when your order is shouted. You can’t expect much more in terms of service when you’re paying about three euros each.

Decor and Atmosphere

The decor was surprising creative, Krowarzywa had some very unique wooden frames that acted as a loose kind of hook for the free standing light-bulbs, a nice talking point.

The chairs were pretty standard, wooden chairs. I did notice a kind of earthly theme. Some chairs were natural wood and somewhere painted green. I don’t know if this was intentional, but if it was then it doesn’t go unnoticed.

There wasn’t much of an atmosphere, but Krowarzywa is aimed at a more fast food style of eating than fine dinning.

Language barriers

All the staff spoke a high level of English and a menu was available in English. No issues with communication.

Room for Improvement and things to note

This place is great, for the prices range and target audience it ticks all the boxes. This is more a of cool hang out with friends sort of meal, than a special date night

Something to note is that if you order in the English, they make a note and call your number in English when your order is ready, but they don’t tell you this. I kept hearing numbers being called out in Polish and it became kind of confusing. At least now if you have read this, you can relax. ?

Overall, we loved Krowarzywa! Meat eaters, don’t be scared. Krowarzywa is an amazing experience and has a flavor for everyone. We would recommend Krowarzywa for the trendy people in your life, but it also suits the health conscious once too.

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