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La Tomatina Review

Warsaw Local visited La Tomatina, Krucza 47a, 00-509 on 17th February 2016.

La Tomatina is known to have one of the largest pizza menus available. With 35+ pizzas, we were interested to learn what makes them all different. Let’s go find out….

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference. La Tomatina is easy to located and is only a short walk away from the Palace of culture.

La Tomatina was easy to find. About 10 minutes walk from the Palace. One thing to note is that you have to go underground to cross the main road close to the palace. It can be a little confusing, but hopefully the above map will help.

Here are some pictures of the outside:

Prices and Menu

The menu was first presented only in Polish, but on request I was provided with a full English menu.

You can view their full menu here

The above pictures are only a few of the pages. One of the many sales points of La Tomatina is it has one of the largest pizza menus in Warsaw, but they all so provide starters, fish dishes, a meat selection, desserts and drinks on top of the almost 40 pizzas. This made the menu very overwhelming and hard to follow. I found something I liked at the start of the menu, but once I had read through the whole menu, I had forgotten what I liked at the start of the menu. My guest knew they only wanted pizza, which made things easier for them, but I was unsure. If you live locally, then you could eat here everyday and never get bored.

We ordered:

– Prosciutto Formagi (small) pizza

– Large Prawns

– Tiramisu

Our total bill came to: 91zl

This is a very standard price for the area. We have tried many pizzas locations in the surrounding areas and you’ll not find a restaurant that sells a whole pizza with toppings for less than 30zl. Not cheap, but not expensive.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We arrived at La Tomatina at about 18:00. The place was busy and lively, but we were still able to have our choice of place to sit.

It took awhile to select what we wanted from the menu, but after we placed our order, we waited about 12 minutes for our food to be served. Both dishes were served at the same time.

My guest ordered a Prosciutto Formagi (small) pizza:

This came with mozzarella cheese, goat cheese, feta cheese, gorgonzola cheese, parma ham, garlic olive oil, parmigiano reggiano cheese and cherry tomatoes.

The base was perfectly done. It was light and crispy, but not flaky. The ingredients were correctly placed and of the right quantity to easily be picked up and eaten with your hands. Every bite was full of Italian flavours.

I personally ordered a dish called large prawns, which included nine grilled king prawns, served with homemade focaccia bread and a chilli sauce.


The prawns were perfect and ticked every box! Warsaw is not famous for its sea food, but after this dish, I hope its reputation will grow. They were perfectly cooked and seasoned. Coated in a flavorsome oil with herbs, really brought the dish to life. I would fully recommend you try these out.

I was personally not a fan of the bread. I ordered this dish because I wanted something lighter than a whole pizza, but this bread was very thick and heavy. It was nice and the texture was great, but I ended up leaving most of the bread. If you’re hungry, then it would be a perfect filler.

We also ordered a dessert of Tiramisu to share:

The slice was the perfect size for two to share. I wouldn’t recommend getting a slice each, if you have both just finished a whole pizza each as it could be too much.

The cake was light, fluffy and easy to break open with only a fork. The cream was the right amount, as to not over power the chocolate taste.


Our server initially spoke to us in Polish, on learning we spoke English he quickly changed. He was happy to explain to us what was in our dish and made recommendations to suit our tastes.

Our food was served quickly and at both dishes at the same time.

After finishing our food, we were planning to leave. The waiter suggested we try and dessert. We had about 20 minutes free before another appointment we had planned and it was a time sensitive appointment, but after the great recommendations, we thought we’d stick around and try it. We quickly placed our order of a single slice of cake and then waited, and waited and waited. We easily waited 15 minutes. We waited longer than we did for a pizza to be cooked and served. We were sat facing the kitchen and the waiting staff. We could clearly be seen waiting, but the staff continued to play on their phones and chat. I started to become nervous of missing our next appointment, so I personally stood up and had to walk to the bar to ask for an update (no one provided us with an update, even though we will visible and clearly waiting). Our waiter told me they were creating it now and it shouldn’t be long, and by the time I returned to my seat, he was back to his phone.

We waited another two or three minutes and then our (cold) Tiramisu was served. Due to the time it had taken, we were only able to eat a few bites before we had to rush out.

Decor and Atmosphere

La Tomatina was nicely decorated, with an Italian theme. The tables gave a very traditional feel and the lighting was dimmed to give an elegant and romantic feel to the place.

The music really took away from the atmosphere. They had what seemed like the radio on with a mix of regular pop music, I personally feel this took away from the Italian theme.

Language barriers

All the staff spoke English and provided a dedicated English menu.

Room for Improvement and things to note

There was no room for improvement on the food! It was high quality and full of taste. Our initial service was great, and it would have continue to have been great with some more communication from the staff.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit La Tomatina and would recommend this venue for a perfect afterwork dinner or just a place to grab a coffee and catch up on the news with the free newspapers available.

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