Legal Graffiti walls in Warsaw

Warsaw has lots of amazing pieces of art around the city from Street Art to famous works of arts to visit in Warsaw If all all this art in the city inspires you to get out and try it for yourself then you’ll be happy to know that there are many places you can legally paint. There are as many as 40 legal Graffiti walls in Warsaw.

The city wanted to prevent street vandalism and created the idea of ​​”3 graffiti”. The Municipal Roads Authority met artists and designated the walls, which are marked with a special plaque of a blue spray can.

Here is a list of legal places:

ul. Dolina Służewiecka / ul. Puławska
ul. Rzymowskiego / ul. Puławska
ul. B. Chrobrego – tunel
ul. Globusowa – tunel
ul. Płowiecka / ul. Widoczna
ul. Płowiecka / ul. Kaczeńca
ul. Płowiecka / ul. Wydawnicza
al. Józefa Becka / al. Polski Walczącej
al. Józefa Becka / ul. Polska
al. Józefa Becka
al. J. Becka / ul. Gościniec
al. J. Becka – Most Siekierkowski
al. Józefa Becka
al. Józefa Becka / Wał Zawadowski
ul. Łazienkowska / ul. Rozbrat
al. Stanów Zjednoczonych / ul. Ostrobramska
Al. 3 Maja – Most Poniatowskiego
ul. Ostrobramska / ul. Kinowa
ul. Cierlicka / ul. Traktorzystów
al. Armii Ludowej / ul. Solec
ul. Ostrobramska / Kinowa
al. Stanów Zjednoczonych

Although places have been designated by the city, illegal graffiti is still being created. Municipal guard spokesman Monika Niżniak explains that Warsaw is covered by monitoring in many places, which makes it easier to catch the perpetrator in the act. Camera operators quickly provide us with this information. – If we do not manage to get there, the operator informs us in which direction the perpetrator has departed, what he looks like and what he was dressed in. Where there is no monitoring is obviously more difficult, but we count on reports of witnesses of vandalism – the spokesperson explains. He adds that the issue of the amount of the mandate determines the amount of damage. The mandate can be up to 500 zlotys.

What is your opinion? Is this good for the city or a bad idea? Let us know in the comment section



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