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Long weekend: 211 intoxicated drivers, 3 fatalities and 68 wounded

This year’s ‘Long weekend’ was exceptionally long. During these ten days, policemen appeared on the streets more often than usual in what was labelled as the “Safe Weekend” campaign.

During the May Day the policemen controlled the situation on the roads in Warsaw. Several dozen officers were involved in the “Safe Weekend” campaign.

In ten days of the heavy police presence, 211 drivers were found to be under the influence of alcohol and over the legal limit. From the beginning of the long weekend, there were 53 accidents on Warsaw streets and roads of the surrounding areas, in which three people were killed and 68 injured.

During the inspection, the police checked not only whether the drivers were moving at the speed permitted. They also paid attention to whether they had seat-belts fastened and whether children were transported in car seats safely and securely. The technical condition of vehicles, compliance with traffic regulations and above all the sobriety of drivers was also monitored closely.

This year you could get ten days off in May. In the past only five, that is why the figures from 2017 regarding drunk drivers and accidents were smaller. At that time, the police arrested 137 drivers under the influence of alcohol. There were also 30 less accidents. 23 people were injured, one died.



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