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Makkaron Pasta Bar Review

Warsaw Local visited Makkaron, Czerwonego Krzyża 8, 00-377 on 26th February 2016.

Makkaron was recommend to us as one of the cheapest healthy options in Warsaw. After hearing such great reviews, we wanted to go check it out for ourselves. Let’s see how it went.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

It is not really possible to walk to Makkaron, unless you have long legs and like to walk. From the main train station you can take either KM1, KM2, KM7, KM8, S1 and S2. We took the KM2 and it took about 10 minutes and only a three minute walk with the help of google maps.

Here are some pictures of the venue to help you find it:

Prices and Menu

The menu is only avaiable in Polish and no English options. We took the time to create the image below to help the non-Polish speakers out there. We hope it helps ?

The pasta is 10zl, but you can buy an extra 2zl for three toppings or 3zl for six toppings. Me and my guest ordered:

– Pasta with chicken, mozzarella, peas, kidney beans, rocket, crispy onion and olives

– Pasta and sauce of the week (zucchini with beacon and dry tomatoes), green peas mozzarella and rocket salad.

Our total bill came to: 23zl

This is by far the cheapest restaurant we have ever reviewed! On average our total bill is near 100zl. Just because the price is cheap doesn’t mean the quality of ingredients is. We were blown away by the quality of the food for the price.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

Makkaron has a cafe layout, so we seated ourselves. Quickly read over the menu and then ordered. We first had to select the pasta we wanted:

I went with Penne and my guest went with fusilli. After selecting our pasta we selected our six toppings:

We have to say that this is the fastest food we have ever been served! By the time we had selected our toppings the pasta was being packed. I don’t know how they do it, but we were both impressed! We waited no longer than three minutes from ordering to eating.

I went with Penne pasta with chicken, mozzarella, peas, kidney beans, rocket, crispy onion and olives:

The toppings really make this dish unique and interesting. Without the toppings it would have basically been pasta and sauce. I was happy with my choice of topping and after a quick bashing of the pasta and mixing, every fork full became and interesting Russian roulette of flavours.

The pasta was perfectly cooked, and a nice touch was the the sauce was not just only put on the top of the pasta. It was put throughout the whole box and covered all of the pasta. Really enjoyed it!

My guest went with Fusilli pasta and sauce of the week (zucchini with beacon and dry tomatoes), green peas mozzarella and rocket salad.

The pasta was again, perfectly cooked with sauce all the way through the box. The rocket was full of flavour and provided new textures with the soft pasta.

Overall, Makkaron excelled our expectations. Even though they label themselves as a cheap pasta bar, the quality of the food wouldn’t have stood out in an upscale restaurant at five times the price!


There is not much to speak about in terms of service. This is a self-service style restaurant. You place your own order at the counter and you pick it back up yourself.

Decor and Atmosphere

The place is nicely decorated. The venue is clean and what you’d expect from a cafe style restaurant.

There is not much to speak of in terms of atmosphere. This venue is aimed at more fast food and takeaway, than upscale dinning, so the focus is on taste than atmosphere.

Language barriers

The lady that served me didn’t speak English. Luckily my guest spoke Polish, so they saved the day, but it is hard to recommend Makkaron to those who don’t speak Polish. Hopefully our menu translation will be enough for you to try a few Polish words ? It is not that hard.

Room for Improvement and things to note

This venue doesn’t have any disabled access. You need to enter via a set of stairs, so this is something to note if you need access for a wheelchair for example.

Language is an issue. With no English menu and limited English from the staff this could be an issue for some.

A cool thing to note is that the boxes are of very high quality. You could easily walk and eat with these boxes and not worry about the bottom falling out. Plus they fold up too:

Overall, we were extremely impressed! The cheapest and fastest food in Warsaw (maybe Poland?) and best of all it is still healthy. Makkaron is perfect for the adventurous backpacker that wants a filling meal on a budget. We look forward to visiting here again.

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