Metro in Warsaw

There are two metro lines in the city of Warsaw that connect the districts of Bielany, Ursynów, Wola and Praga-Południe via the city center with a possibility to change on Świętokrzyska station without going outside. Metro runs from 5AM to 1AM from Sunday to thursday. On Friday and Saturday nights metro runs until 3AM. After midnight train arrives  every 15 minutes.

The entrance to the red line metro as shown on the map have red entrances.

The entrance to the blue line metro as shown on the map have blue entrances.

Entering and Leaving

There are several gates installed before every entrance to the underground platforms. This is the place where you validate your ticket or activate the gate opening with your monthly card. You cannot enter the platform without a valid ticket.

You don’t need to validate the ticket while leaving the underground station – the gates will automatically open freely.

When entering the station you will either need to instest your paper ticket to active the journey or if you have a monthly pass you’ll need to play it on the card reader as shown above.

Travel Tickets

Before embarking on your journey you’ll need to purchase a ticket. There are many different tickets available from single 20 minute journeys to large family tickets. Click the video to the left to see a full explanation of the tickets to find the ticket that best suits your needs.

Warsaw’s public transport system is very reasonably priced. An two way journey can cost 6.80zł which equals about 1.5 euro.

Any ticket bought from an official ZTM ticket re-seller or ticket machine can be used across all of the different public transport platforms (metro, buses and trams) within the given time of the ticket once activated.

You can learn more about the different single use tickets available and a guide to how to get a monthly travel pass in our article here: Cost of Public Transport in Warsaw

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Finding your route and entering the Metro

Before entering the metro you’ll be able to see over the ticket barrier where the metro lines to are entering go to.

You will find two screens above the ticket barriers that will let you know when the next train will arrive and also will let you know the time for the train after that. Usually the is only a small wait before metros so if you miss one don’t panic.

The names of the trains are the final location, but before you go underground you’ll see a screen showing you each stop. This will help you know the direction you need to travel and which metro to enter.

As you go underground via the escalators again you’ll be reminded of which side is which. Remember that the name is of the last station.

You’ll see a view screens on the platform letting you know how long you will be waiting.


When the train arrives at the platform you will need to press the glowing green button on the door to enter. The doors will then open automatically.

The metro in Warsaw is not as busy as other European cities and you are likely to find a seat most of the time. This will obviously change on peak hours.

On most of the Metros in Warsaw you’ll find a small screen showing the up and coming and previous stations. The grayed out names are the previous stations and the highlighted names are what is coming next. The numbers below each name is the number of minutes it will take from your current location.