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Miss Kimchi Review

Warsaw Local visited Miss Kimchi, 23rd January 2016.

Miss Kimchi is a Korean Street food Bar based near the center of Warsaw. With its claims of unique flavors and tastes we just had to check it out!

Finding the location

We always use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference. It took use about 20 minutes to walk and was easy to find with the help of Google Maps on our smartphone.

Miss Kimchi Address: Żelazna 58, 00-806 Warszawa

Here are some picture of the outside of the venue:

Prices and Menu

The menu was written on a chalk board on the wall and was only written in Polish. I had no idea what I was about to order so I pointed at two different options and one drink and the total bill came to 51zl.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We like to live life on the edge, so we couldn’t name you what we ordered, but you can get a good idea from the pictures below:

This is what my guest ordered:

The box was nicely presented box presented a range of different foods to try. We wanted something unique and we got it. The vegetables with interesting with some spices added and the rice was just plain boiled rice. The chicken was slightly tough, but was very tasty and covered in a lovely sticky sauce. The dumplings were terrible . They were rock hard and left like they had been sat in a pre-heater for a very long time.

This is what I ordered:

As it was served, the waitress explained to me that all the sauce is at the bottom and I should mix it all up. The dish was very nicely presented, so I am glad I got to mix it myself. The dish consisted of lots of different vegetables, a small amount of beef and a lot of rice. I was very hungry, so I was happy with the size of the portions, but even I could not finish it all! This is great if you’re backpacking around the city and want to get the most amount of food for your money.

This dish included oyster sauce and it was far too overwhelming. It made everything taste of fish, I like fish but this was too much. If you don’t like fish like my guest did, then I highly recommend you ask them to leave it out.

Decor and Atmosphere

The venue was small, but had a nice ‘street food’ vibe to it. It had a cool tree in the middle and the kitchen was semi-open.

Language barriers

The staff it speak some English, but there was some moments that my Polish guest had to step in and explain things.

Room for Improvement and things to note

The food is cheap and you get what you pay for. We would not say the food was bad, it isn’t! It was good, but we would not recommend this location for a high end business dinner or an anniversary date. If you’re hungry and you want to be full for the first of the day then we recommend the rice based dish in the large bowl.

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