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Motorcyclists can now use the bus lane

From May 2018 motorcyclists can legally ride motorcyclists in two major buses lanes. The two lanes can be found Radzymińska and Trasa Łazienkowska. These are tests for now, but if the conclusions are encouraging, it is possible that motorcyclists will be allowed in to more bus lanes in the future.

The motorcycle season has started for good with temperatures reaching 27 Celsius. For motorcyclists in Warsaw, it is unique motorcycle season, because for the first time they can enter the bus lanes in some areas. Motorcyclists have been fighting for this privilege for years. It has not been easy, because initially the police were skeptical about the idea.

– In the first talks the idea was negated, however, after longer talks, the police managed to agree on a solution. With the reservation that it is a two-year experiment and two selected bus lanes will be used for the trial – says Łukasz Puchalski, director of the Municipal Roads Management.

Why the Radzyminska and the Łazienkowska Route?

The two longest bus lanes in the capital were selected – Radzymińska (towards the center) and on the Łazienkowska Route (both ways). In total, it is 13 kilometers.

The motorcyclists have not hidden their satisfaction that it finally finished and the police have agreed on the matter.

It’s a good idea. It is safe for both motorcyclists and drivers. I’m surprised that it has not been introduced in Warsaw earlier. We are definitely “for”

says Piotr, a local biker.

Motorcyclists are sure that it will be safer if they can go by bus, and not between cars. “A motorbike will travel at 80 or 60 kilometers per hour, just like any other vehicle. I will not agree with the fact that there will be more accidents” – says motorist Karolina.

Warsaw is not the first city that allows motorcyclists on bus lanes. Łódź has been using this solution for three years. – We have no information that in any way the presence of motorcyclists on bus lanes negatively affected road safety – informs Radosław Kobryś from the Police Headquarters.

In Warsaw, motorcyclists are the third group that can use bus lanes. In addition to city buses, taxis and people with disabilities also have access to them.

Are you happy or annoyed about bikes joining the bus lane? Let us know in the comments below.



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