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Museum of Polish Vodka Opening Soon

The district of Praga in the Polish capital of Warsaw has not always had the best reputation in the city but this is changing. With recent development in Praga with new building blocks and bars and restaurants opening across the Praga landscape its carm is shining through. A very big change coming soon is the Praga Koneser Center which will soon be one of the most important places on the cultural and business map of Warsaw. In the spring of 2018, the first Polish and the only Museum of Polish Vodka will be opened here, a must-have for all lovers of Polish Vodka.

Do you want to know more about the idea and the process of creating this unique place? Watch our videos!

Museum of Polish Vodka

The main theme of the exhibition, presenting the over 600-year history of vodka production in Polish lands, will be the local manufacturing tradition and world renown of Polish vodka. The concept for creation of the museum was the initiative of the Pernod Ricard Group, which has implemented similar ventures in other countries.

The concept for the exhibition space combines historical artifacts from the site and post-industrial architectural elements with multimedia and interactive presentation technologies, as well as exhibition of the museum collection.

Click to enlarge | Pictures from Muzeum Polskiej Wodki


Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser”, originally Spirit Distillation Plant (Polish: Fabryka Oczyszczania Spirytusu), was established in 1897 on the initiative of the Polish-Russian Warsaw Society of Distillation and Sale of Spirits. In those days, on the premises of the factory, apart from industrial buildings, the factory complex included warehouses, workshops, residential buildings and a school. At the time the factory was one of the most technologically advanced production plants in Warsaw. The interwar period was the prime of the factory, which at that time was also referred to as the Monopoly. The factory employed more than 400 people, and its production capacity totalled at quarter of a million bottles of vodka a day. In the twenties of the twentieth century “Koneser” created universally recognizable vodka brands such as: Wyborowa, Luksusowa, Żubrówka, Żytniówka and Siwucha. The further development of the plant was disrupted by the outbreak of the WW II. As a result, the production was significantly reduced and subsequently stopped. In the late 1940s, after the Second World War and necessary revitalization of the factory, the production was resumed and it continued up to the last decade, when the worsening condition of the company led to the end of production and shutdown of the factory. Along with the acquisition of the land by BBI Development the idea of the Praga Koneser Center was born.

Design and arrangement of the Museum

The Museum of Polish Vodka will be a modern cultural and educational center for a wide range of Polish Vodka enthusiasts. The design and arrangement of all interiors was developed by the Nizio Design International team in collaboration with a group of experts. Where did they get the inspiration and how did the whole creative process take place? See what the project manager says, Mirosław Nizio.

You can keep up to date with the changes and news from Museum of Polish Vodka by following their Facebook page

More than only a Museum

Even though the factory has been closed for many years, the space has still be recently used. Praga Koneser Center is a complex of residential, office, cultural and entertainment facilities located on the premises of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser”. The complex is surrounded by Ząbkowska, Nieporęcka, Białostocka and Markowska streets from all sides.

The authors of the Praga Koneser Center project are three architectural firms: Juvenes Projekt Sp. z o.o., ARE Sp. z o.o and Bulanda & Mucha Architects. The execution of the project has been carried out by BBI Development Company. The Praga Koneser Center is the result of European architecture trends of blending post-industrial spaces with an urban fabric. The newly built buildings will be harmoniously integrated into the revitalized area of the former factory. Finalization of the project is scheduled for 2016, and the total value of the project is estimated at 460 million PLN

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Praga Koneser Center project is a unique and the only investment of such kind in Warsaw. It includes revitalization and adaptation of post-industrial buildings of “Koneser” factory including old Kordegarda, Rectification, Filtration and Spirit Warehouse buildings, using authentic architectural elements of the factory. The remaining part of the site of the old factory will be filled with modern buildings. Inside the building complex there will be apartments, office buildings, galleries, a shopping arcade featuring renowned brands, restaurants and cafes, typical of modern urban areas. The complex will also have its own underground car park and video surveillance.

Koneser is located by the thriving Ząbkowska street, in the heart of Old Praga. 5 ha plot is becoming the lifestyle center of Warsaw. The architectural design for revitalization of Koneser includes adaptation of old post-industrial facilities and creation of contemporary buildings harmoniously reflecting the landmark urban fabric.

Entrepreneurship was always present in Koneser. Soon the place will become Warsaw center of creative business. Easy access from anywhere in Warsaw, inspiring architecture and the highest standards of more than 25,500 m2 of office space make Koneser the most original business address in Warsaw.


Explore the offer dedicated to food operators.

Carefully renovated historic Vodka Factory buildings next to a vibrant Ząbkowska street.

The first project in Warsaw joining shopping, culture, business and living.
6,000 sqm dedicated to gastronomy – a perfect place for gourmet restaurants, cosy cafes and trendy bars.
Spacious public squares – ideal for restaurant gardens and cultural events.
Do you have an idea for a place that will set the trends in Warsaw gastronomy?

Your clientele in Koneser will include:

White-collars from offices.
Startupers from Warsaw Campus by Google.
Clients looking for original and trendy products in our Retail part.
Hotel and conference centre guests.
Families living in the residential part of Koneser and in the neighborhood.
Tourists visiting Polish Vodka Museum.
Warsaw foodies.

If you are interested in contacting the owners by a business lease you can do so here

What are you most looking forward to with these big changes in Praga? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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