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Na Lato Review

Warsaw Local visited Na Lato, Rozbrat 44A, 00-419 on 23rd February 2016.

Na Lato is famous as a hip and trendy hang out with the locals of Warsaw. With 400+ five star reviews on Facebook, we just had to check it out! Let’s see if it can live up to the hype.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

It is not really possible to walk to Na Lato from the Palace. It is possible if you have long legs and enjoy walking, but we would recommend taking a bus. We took the 171 bus and it took about nine minutes with the help of Google maps.

Na Lato is situated on the very edge of a small woodland. Here are some pictures of the outside to make it easier to find:

Prices and Menu

The menu is available in both English and Polish.

A nice thing about the menu is they clearly stated any allergies in the food such as dishes that are gluten free, contain nuts, dairy and so on.

We ordered:

– Bread Basket 5zl
– Devilled chicken livers 17zl
– Leg of lamb, mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and spinach 59zl
– Pizza (melanzana) 27zl
– Tea (Herbata zimowa) 13zl

Our total bill came to: 121zl

The pricing is pretty standard. We have not found a restaurant in Warsaw that sold a pizza with toppings for less than 25zl. The lamb is again reasonably priced, it is not shockingly cheap, neither shockingly expensive. The starter of devilled chicken livers was pretty big and provided good value for money. Eaten alone, this could be a cheap main dish for those on a budget.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

We were here about 16:00 on a Tuesday and there were plenty of seats available. We were seated instantly.

After placing our order, our first starter of bread was served within two minutes and our next starter of devilled chicken livers within five minutes. Our mains took six minutes to be served after finishing our starters. Overall, the waiting time was perfectly reasonable and what you’d expect.

Our starter of bread and Devilled chicken livers was served with the tea my guest ordered:

The tea was nicely presented and with a small pot of honey. This is a small detail that most restaurants overlook. Another cool thing about the tea was that they provided mint, ginger, lime, orange and cinnamon, so you could basically add whatever you like to make your tea to your own liking. It is a good beginning to show that Na Lato care about the small details.

Devilled chicken livers is not something I’d order myself. Not that I don’t like liver, but that it is just pretty different. We were unsure what to order and our waitress recommend this dish. We like to live life on the edge, so we thought we’d give it a try….and we are glad we did! The texture is similar to that of perfectly cooked beef. It was light and flaky, and was easily broken with the side of a fork. I am unsure what the sauce was, but I can tell you it was amazing! It had a flowery taste, with a punch of tang. A real enjoyable dish that awoke our taste buds.

The bread was served with oil and balsamic vinegar. There is not much to comment on. The bread is how you’d expect bread to be and the oil tasted how you’d expect oil to taste. If you’re going to try the livers, then we recommend ordering the extra bread so that you can mop up that amazing sauce.

After we finished our starters, we were served our mains. I ordered a Lamb shank:


The meat was amazing! It was cooked to perfection. It was smooth and almost fell off the bone with the slightest touch. The skin was full of flavour and there was barely any fat throughout the whole meat. The lamb was seated on a bed of creamy mash potato. The amount of potato was the right amount to make this dish enjoyable, without making you feel too full. The potato was light and airy.

My guest ordered a Pizza (melanzana) was topped with aubergine, parmesan and basil.

The base of the pizza was cooked perfectly and served with the correct ratio of sauce and cheese. It was easy enough to eat with your hands and easily manageable to cut through without everything falling apart.

The pizza provided an excellent taste throughout. On the menu, basil is listed as one of the ingredients, but our pizza was served with only a single basil leaf. It would have been nice to have been served with four leafs, and if the client liked basil they could divide the leafs to their taste, if they don’t like basil, they could easily remove it without affecting the overall taste.


Our waitress was very polite and spoken an amazing level of English. She help us pick the starter, that she said was the best on the menu.

Decor and Atmosphere

Na Lato has a very cool and chic feel to it. You feel as though you are in a cool New York restaurant, but then you look out the window and you feel as if you’re deep in a forest.

The atmosphere was perfect for a friendly chat, with the noise of the kitchen at a reasonable volume and the music only lightly filling in the air.

Language barriers

We spoke with two different members of staff and they both spoke perfect English. The menu is also in both English and Polish.

Room for Improvement and things to note

Na Lato is not as central as other locations, but if you want to eat like the locals eat then it is worth the travel.

We were told by the staff that Na Lato gets very busy at peak dinning hours, so we would recommend you try and reserve a table if you’re hoping to get a decent table and if you are going in a large group (over six people) then reserving a table is a must.

There are lots of parking spaces outside Na Lato but be careful to note that within some time frames you have to pay to park there. Make sure you double check the times before leaving your car.

Na Lato becomes a cocktail bar on the weekends, so this is something to beware of if you’re planning a late night meal on the weekends.

Overall, we loved our visit to Na Lato, the food was great, the waiting time was reasonable, the staff spoke a great level of English and the atmosphere was perfect! Na Lato would be the perfect location for a date night or a catch up with friends.

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