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Nadwislanski Swit Review

Warsaw Local visited Nadwislanski Swit, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 31/33, 00-379 on the 12th March 2016.

With almost 75 five star reviews on their Facebok page we were really intrested to learn more about Nadwislanski Swit. Let’s see if they can live up to their five star standards.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference.

is possible to walk to Nadwislanski Swit from the Palace but it is not something we would recommend to do if you’re new to the city. The quickest way is to take the metro. Take the M2 until centrum nauki kopernika and then it is only a very short walk.

Here is what the front looks like:

Prices and Menu

The menu is presented in both English and Polish:

We ordered:

Galician style octopus: 23zl
Bruschetta: 15zl
BBQ rips: 39zl
Gnocchi with blue cheese: 25zl
Lava cake: 17zl

Our total food bill came to: 119zl

The total bill was pretty good for the amount of food we got, but we have to remember that this is not as central as other location, but we can imagine in the summer that most people would rather be here than in the centre. The total bill wasn’t cheap, but neither was it expensive. Around 110zl – 140zl is the standard we seem hit when ordering starters, mains and a dessert in Warsaw.

We also ordered two lemonades:

And these were 7zl each. Nicely presented and highly refreshing! A must for the summer.

Our Personal Experience

Quality of food and Waiting time

The waiting time was pretty standard, our request of olives was almost instant, our starter took less than five minutes and our mains were served quickly after our empty starter plates were taken. Both mains were served at the same time too.

Our first starter of Bruschetta was served first:

This dish was a very firm piece of baked bread that took some force to break in to smaller pieces. Topped with a creamy goats cheese and warm caramelized onion and rocket. The two flavours of the cheese and onion really matched and made this dish. A nice light starter to get your taste buds flowing.

A few moments later we were served our second starter of: Galician style octopus

The waiter really encouraged to order this dish. I enjoy sea food, but it might not have been something I’d order myself but I am glad he made the recommendation. The octopus were served on top of warm sliced potatoes, at glance on the menu it sounded a bit boring, but matched with chunky pieces of sea salt and paprika me and my guest were both very surprised. The paprika provided a slight kick, the salt provided a crunch and the potato gave the overall soft texture.

The octopus was bouncy and easily cut without much pressure. The paprika had slightly rubbed off on to the octopus and it was a nice touch and a polite mix of flavours.

The portion size was just right for a starter, and could easily be split between two people to enjoy.

My guest ordered: Gnocchi with blue cheese

This dish was nicely presented in a large bowl. What was first eye catching about this dish is the Gnocchi is a red colour. Matched with the white bowl and blue cheese it looked pretty interesting. The Gnocchi is red because it is beetroot Gnocchi matched with blue cheese, fresh spinach, fried almonds and top with parmesan.

Here at Warsaw Local we try a lot of pasta dishes through the week, and slowly after eating so many they all start to look and taste the same, but this one really stood out and stood out for the right reasons. Not only was it interesting to look at, it was even more interesting to eat. Bursting with new and unique flavours, going from the sharp blue cheese to the earthly almonds, each bite became an adventure.

The dish looked small in the over sized bowl, but it was more than enough for my guest to be satisfied.

My order of BBQ rips was served the same time as my guests main dish:

I am a big meat fan, so I was really looking forward to this. The rips were served on a bed of carrots and roasted potatoes that had been coated with herbs. The ribs were covered in the perfect sticky style BBQ sauce you’d expect on American style rips. This covered the crispy carrots which I was happy about. There was a lot of carrots though, maybe too many. The potatoes were a nice touch and served in a correct portion.

Now to the best part, the meat! The meat was cooked to perfection. It easily flaked off the bone with only the pressure of a fork. There was lots of meat between each bone and at the price of 39zl I really felt a lot of value from this dish. I’ve had ribs almost double the price with less meat on them.

After our mains we served a dessert of lava cake:

The lava cake was nicely presented on a sweet sauce and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cake burst open with only the use of a spoon and the sauce came out slowly and was not too liquid that you wouldn’t be able to scoop it up with a spoon.

Overall, it was great! The cake was soft and spongy. The chocolate was rich and served warm with the ice cream obviously chilled and it matched nicely.


The service was perfect. The waiting time is what you’d expect, we were seated right away, nothing from our order was forgotten and our waiter was very nice and friendly.

A nice touch was when I arrive I was hungry and I wanted something small to eat right away. I noticed they had a dish that included olives, but there was no listing to order olives on their own. I asked our waiter if he could bring me a few and he did, and without adding anything extra on our bill. I was very pleased and it was a very nice touch.

Decor and Atmosphere

Nadwislanski Swit is designed nicely. With lots of large windows allowing in lots of natural light, the venue feels light and airy.


Where we were sat we could see the river. When the weather is better, you can also sit outside which I can imagine would be very nice being this close to the river.

The atmosphere was pretty standard for lunch time hours. There were a few small groups chatting away and some light music in the background. Nothing to complain about.

Language barriers

Language was not an issue here. All the members of staff we spoke to had a great level of English. Something cool to note is we had a chance to speak to the owners son, who is almost on duty and he told his he spoke Korean! Pretty cool!

Room for Improvement and things to note

There is not much to comment on in terms of room for improvement. Nadwislanski Swit is not extremely central but that is also one of its selling points.

With a large fish selection Nadwislanski Swit would be a great venue for those who don’t eat meat, but there are meat options too.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Nadwislanski Swit and would fully recommend it. Very reasonably priced, great services, English menu and speaking staff and a great selection of food! A must try for the foodies in Warsaw.

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