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New Public Transport Ticket Design

New designs of public transport tickets enter circulation. They will be introduced gradually. The old ones do not expire.

ZTM has just informed the media about new ticket designs.

“New are all types of cardboard tickets, from 20 minutes to 3 days, as well as weekend tickets and subway tickets. The tickets have a name in Polish and English, price, information about the communication zone and the Warsaw Transport logo Public or stylized letter “T”, reminiscent of the shape of a Warsaw mermaid “- says Łukasz Majchrzyk from the ZTM press office.

We also learn from the information that the new “are color-differentiated” meaning 75-minute one-off transfer is green and the daily one is blue. Reduced tickets have a lighter shade of color for a given type of ticket.”

The only pictures currently available is the low quality image included in the press release from ZTM. Warsaw Local will keep you updated when better pictures become available.

Introduced gradually

Tickets with the current model retain their validity. New ones are to be introduced gradually. According to ZTM, they can already be bought in ticket machines, and will appear in sales points in the fourth quarter of this year.

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