Out of the City in the City

Imagine the most enjoyable weather you can feel while being outside. It’s nearly 30 degrees, sun is shining brightly, sky is crystally blue and soft breeze is delightfully touching your skin. All you want to do is stay outside until the Sun sets but the truth is, you’re in the city. You would like to relax, contemplate, maybe read the book or play  your guitar that has been in your house for many years, not having a chance to spread widely its sounds. Yet what surrounds you are sounds of car engines, omnipresent rush and anxiety, every now and then you hear an ambulance or a plane. Staying outside you start feeling dust on your tongue. The peace you’d like to find is in your home so you stay there.

What is the solution? Nature.

Green surroundings  can offer you much more than you think. While surrounded by nature is all around you, your heart starts to beat more calmly. Your mind calm down as well. That’s why you’re more relaxed and that’s how you’re not paying attention to vibration of your phone but you are captivated by the multiple sounds of the birds and wind instead. At least that’s what I recommend. Being relaxed opens your creativity, makes you happy and gives you good vibe and deep sleep in the end of the day. So how to find yourself a “sweat lodge” in Warsaw? Where to go and forget about the city around you?

One of the most amazing and hidden place is Nature Reserve Zawadowskie Islands.

It’s a fascistic Nature Reserve which means that it’s been created not only to protect the river ecosystem but mainly its habitats – wild birds, ducks, beavers, otters, colorful butterflies and many others reptiles and amphibians.

You’ll find it in south of Warsaw (Wilanów, Wawer) and when you do, you’ll be amazed by  variety of species living there. This beautiful place is a perfect destination to get carried away by the sound of the river and nature around you. Landscapes are wide and stunning. You have an easy access  to one of the islands or big dunes. However, do respect the fact that it’s not your home and in case you’ll visit this reserve, remember what responsibilities are expected of its guests. Appreciate what your surrounded with, be calm and aware of every life form around you.

Kabacki Forest

In 1938 president of Warsaw, Stefan Starzynski  bought Kabacki Forest, and saved it from being cut for building purposes. Amazing story, right? These days it’s the biggest Nature Reserve in Masovian district and it presents  a very strong historical value to Warsaw.

Trees there are breathtaking. Birches, larches, lindens, oaks, beeches – some of them are 160 years old. It’s out of my mind what they have seen during their lifetime. It’s also a home to many wild animals such as roe-deer, boars, foxes, badgers, weasels. I’m not saying every time you go there you’re going to see some of them. They like their own company and humans have already caused them enough trouble. If you’re lucky and visit the forest with a friendly and open heart, then you’ll definitely spot creature other then human being crossing your path.

Kabacki Forest is definitely place to visit more than once. Especially at this time of the year when everything seems to be waking up and showing its colors and sounds.

Park Skaryszewski

On the other side of the river, lies Park Skaryszewski, known as one of the most beautiful parks in Poland. Have you been there? What are you doing next Sunday then?

It’s been constructed over  100 years ago specifically for horseback riding and it’s the only place in Warsaw with rosary. With incredibly delicate aroma . Remember however, the more sunshine, the stronger is the smell of roses.

It’s not as big as two previous propositions but destination is way more comfortable. You can get there by tram, bus, train and subway as it’s very close to National Stadium. It means you can  easily find a way of getting there from every place in Warsaw.

Next time you’re planning to enjoy morning breakfast with friends, your book or be in the present state, fully relaxed, do yourself some good and simply try something new.

Enjoy being out of the city in the city.



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