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Parking in Warsaw and MobiParking Explained

The city of Warsaw has roughly 1.7 million citizens, and according to statistics in 2015 there were 1.5 million cars registered in Warsaw. With a city this big and with so many cars you’re bond to come across parking problems in the city center as with almost all European capitals. Across the city you’ll find paid parking within business hours, however most of the city is then free afterwards. In this article we are going to cover the times, the areas and some tricks and tips you can use to save money when parking in Warsaw.

Parking in Warsaw

The whole of the center of Warsaw is a paying parking zone. This rule applies from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays parking is free.

Detailed information about paying parking zones: zdm.waw.pl

Parking fees:
• first hour: 3 PLN
• second hour: 3,60 PLN
• third hour: 4,20 PLN
• fourth and each subsequent hour: 3 PLN per hour

Drivers can also use paying public parking lots. Parking lots in the Warsaw city center are found:

• Next to large hotels, such as Sofitel Victoria, Mercure Centrum, Marriott, Sheraton
• Next to the Supreme Court (Sąd Najwyzszy) building, and at Plac Krasiński (close to the Old Town)
• Plac Defilad at The Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki); entrance is gained from ulica Marszalkowska.

Please beware that the three mentioned places are not free on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

If you park your car or vehicle in a paid parking area without a valid and visible then you will receive a fine from the local authority. A fine can reach from 100zl up to 300zl depending on where you parked. For example parking on a bridge can get you a fine of 200zl, blocking a pedestrian crossing is 300zl and parking on a grass area not created for parking can see you receiving a 100zl fine. If you received a parking ticket and you believe it was wrongly issued then check out this article which will explain how you can appeal to have the ticket cancelled: How to dispute a parking fine in Warsaw

MobiParking Explained

MobiParking is a free application from SkyCash (Polish only) that allows you to buy for your parking through your mobile phone. Instead of scrambling for coins, getting your ticket and then having to walk back your car to put your ticket inside. MobiParking makes parking in Warsaw easier and more convenient.

Step one: You will first need to create an account on the SkyCash website. The website is only in Polish, but using the Google Chrome web browser you can translate the page to English. Create a SkyCash account

Step two: Once you have created your account you’ll be promoted to add funds. When parking in Warsaw and using MobiParking, your parking fee is taken from the funds you add. You can quickly add more funds here.

Step Three (important) You must show a MobiParking badge in your window when parking in Warsaw. You can collect an official sticker from any ‘Urząd miasta wydział komunikacji’ (local council office).

If you don’t speak Polish then write this quote on a piece of paper and show it to a member of staff. It translates to: I would like to collect a MobiParking Sticker

Chciałbym odebrać naklejkę MobiParking

If you have just created an account, deposited your funds and don’t have time to go and collect a sticker, then you can print of a paper version of the sticker and leave it inside your vehicle. You must leave it in a visible space behind the windscreen of the vehicle.

Step four: Once you have your account setup and funds added you need to send an activation SMS of the vehicle registration number for the mobile service before you can begin parking in Warsaw.

The cost of sending one SMS is 25 cent gross. This is the amount added to your phone bill or taken from your phones credit. If you have no credit on your mobile phone then MobiParking will not work. SMS messages should be sent to the number 82002

The first SMS you’ll need to send is:

A(space)Licence Plate Number

Once you have registered your car and you have funds on your account you can begin parking in Warsaw. On leaving your car for parking you must send this SMS to: 82002

[Number of minutes)WAR

If you wanted to park for one hour you’d send the SMS: 60WAR

Parking fees:
• first hour: 3 PLN
• second hour: 3,60 PLN
• third hour: 4,20 PLN
• fourth and each subsequent hour: 3 PLN per hour

You can check out balance and see how much funds you have left on your account by sending an SMS with the the word: SALDO

We hope this article help you understand more about parking in Warsaw. If you have any advice for others or questions then leave it in the comment section below.



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