Polish Driving Penalty Points Explained

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When you are driving in Warsaw or anywhere in Poland and you are the person in control of a motor vehicle on a Polish road then the police have the legal right to stop you at anytime to ensure you vehicle is legal and your paper work is correct.

Penalty Points Explained

Not matter if you are being stopped on suspicion of a motoring offence or just for a routine stop you’ll be requested to produce your:

– Driving license
– Car registration card
– Car insurance paperwork

Remember that these documents are a must for driving in Warsaw and if you can not produce these items on request you can face a fine of 50 PLN (about ten euros) per document .

Points vs Fines

If the police have a proven case that you committed a traffic offence then you’ll be request to pay a fine, have ‘points’ put on your driving licence or both depending on the offence.

If you are requested to pay a fine then You will receive an official paper from the police officer with the bank account detail from police so that you can make bank transfer or pay at post office.

You have seven days to pay the fine or the Police will add an increased fine on your tax return or if you don’t do tax returns then the court will hire a bailiff who is legally allowed to access your bank account and take money or goods from your address.

If your offence requires you to receive ‘points’ such as a speeding offence then you you’ll be told this on the stop and they will be automatically add to your licence via a nationwide computer system. All new licenses start with 0 points and you can receive a maximum of 24 points before your license will be revoked and you’ll be banned from driving on Polish roads.

All points last 12 months and then they are removed. You can find out the related number of points or fines you might incur by committing a traffic offence on a Polish road below.

If you want to find out how many penalty points you currently have then learn more in this article: How to Check your Driving Penalty Points

Points and fines coming soon