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Polish karate instructor blinds Ecuadorian man in unprovoked attack

The events that the court dealt with took place in August 2016. Coming from Ecuador, a 33-year-old Spanish citizen was attacked in front of the Latino Bar at Krakowskie Przedmiescie. The man, he claims, went out for a cigarette. When he wanted to return to the premises, three men stood in the entrance. One tried to kick him, but the Ecuadorian ducked. Then he got a fist in the face. He lost consciousness.

The attacker, as it soon turned out, was the then 21-year-old Dominik P., a karate player and instructor. The professional blow he caused was tragic. The beaten Ecuadorian lost his sight in one eye.

He apologized and agreed to settlement

Before the court, Dominik P. was not responsible for the simple beating, but for causing serious damage to health. On Friday, the court announced a verdict in this case.

The District Court for Warsaw (Śródmieście) recognized Dominik P. guilty of committing the act he was accused and punished the accused one year’s imprisonment with conditional suspension of its performance for three years of trial – From the press section of the District Court in Warsaw.

The court also ruled that Dominik P. must pay the aggrieved party 30,000 PLN will also have to cover court costs – over PLN 4,000 zł.

Dominik P. will be under the supervision of the probation officer for three years

The court issued a judgment in this case without a full trial. The accused apologized to his victim and decided to voluntarily submit to punishment and agreed to an out of court settlement, which the beaten Ecuadorian agreed to.

The Ecuadorian said before the court that he had been in Poland for three years, working in the financial sector.

The first time in my life such a situation occurred and immediately with such tragic consequences – he added.

The prosecutor’s office investigating this case did not decide to bring charges against a racist crime.



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