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Primark is expected to appear in Poland

Last week, it was announced that the first Primark brand store will be opened in Poland. There are also the first rumors about the location. It is possible that it will be Warsaw.

According to the information received by Plus Business, the Irish company is conducting silent negotiations regarding the introduction of the Primark network to Poland.

Where will the first Primark be?

We are also talking about the first possible locations of the first Primark in Poland. According to one of them, four different cities are taken into account. However, according to the second location, about which there are talks, there are only two – Warsaw and Krakow .

According to unofficial information, if the company chose Warsaw, Primark would be in Galeria Młociny, currently under construction.

The Primark network does not want to confirm anything yet.

Primark is an Irish clothing company that has stores in 11 countries around the world. Most of them are located in the UK , but the branches are also in Germany , France , Spain or the USA. In Poland, the store is still absent.

It is not known yet what Primark plans for our country. If it is only a few stores, it will not take much of the competition from the market.

Although there is little information yet, one can be sure – crowds will appear at the opening of the first Primark in Poland. Are you excited at the idea of Primark coming to Poland? Let us know in the comment section.



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