Short day trips from Warsaw

If you are staying in Warsaw longer and you want to discover Poland a little more then here are our top five places for one-day trips around Warsaw!

1. Żelazowa Wola

Located 51 km from the center of Warsaw this village is the birthplace of Polish-French pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin. Inside you can find small family and music exhibition and his beloved piano.

The house is surrounded by lovely, quiet park with small river and live Chopin music playing everywhere around. It is a good and relaxing option for a weekend even if you are not a classical music fan. They offer audiobooks in many languages that take you for a tour around the park and the house.

The museum entry fee:

-23zł –museum and park for adults

-11,50zł – museum and park for children

Free entry : Wednesdays.

Opening hours: 9 – 19:00

Please note that museum is closed from 24.10 until 28.02 and all Mondays during the whole year.

How to get there:

By car you can take the highway and it will take you around one hour from Palace of culture and science:

You can always take a bus which is very convenient connection right from the very center of Warsaw directly to the museum. You can take the bus from here:

You need to look for a van/ bus with this website sticker:

Price ticket – 19zł one way.

The buses that leave from Warsaw center in the hours marked by the red circle stop in front of Chopin museum:

2. Powsin garden

It is located in the suburbs of Warsaw but it offers lots of attractions so to go there you need to plan whole day trip.

It’s a big green area which offers outdoor activities mostly such as fireplace, rope park, tables to play chess, volleyball and basketball courts, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, outdoor gym, concert hall and botanical garden.

It’s a very convenient place to organize picnic with fire – there are benches and roof in case of rain.

Botanical garden:

The garden offers an impressive collection of exotic flowers, trees and seeds combined in a huge beautiful garden which is perfect for a pleasant walk with friends or family.

Prices to enter Botanical garden:

Adults – 6zł

Children – 4zł

Opening hours : 10:00 – 18:00

Rope park:

Opened every day 10:00-19:00

Prices: between 25zł and 60zł depending which option you will choose. There are 4 paths available from easy one to full of Adrenalin one.

How to reach the whole complex? It’s very easy! Take M1 metro line to METRO POLITECHNIKA station and from there take the bus 519 directly to final stop called “POWSIN-PARK KULTURY”. The whole trip from city center will take you 40 minutes maximum.

3. Kampinos National Park and Palmiry museum

This huge green area is located 40km west of Warsaw and is easily reachable by car. The park was created in 1959, covering a total area of 407 square kilometres. It covers the ancient Kampinos Forest, and in January 2000 the area was added to UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves.

Forests account for around 70% of the park’s area, and most the common tree is the pine. The Park’s symbol is the moose.

Kampinoski National Park is located at the biggest river junction in Poland – here valleys of Vistula, Bug, Narew, Wkra and Bzura meet together. Park’s landscape is a mix of sand dunes and swamp lands with pine trees growing on sand and meadows on swamps.

The park is preserved in a very good condition, it is easy to move around thanks to good infrastructure. Tourists are welcome on Park’s walking, cycling and skiing trails. One can also rent a horse and ride on trails whose total length is around 360 kilometers. Cycling enthusiasts may take advantage of the 200 km Kampinos Cycling Trail.

Horse riding:

Horse riding is possible for example in Truskaw city and 1 hour of horse riding in the woods will cost you 100zł.
Location: Północna 100 street, city Truskaw.

Their website:

Park during the war times – cemetery and museum:

The park’s area has rich history, here many important events connected with Polish history took place.
At the Palmiry cemetery lay many inhabitants of Warsaw, secretly killed here by the Germans in the years 1939-1945. By the cemetery modern and interactive museum of the historical events in the area was built.

The museum is worth to see as it explains everything about war in masovian territory both in polish and in English.

To find the museum put in your GPS “Palmiry muzeum” – it is located inside the national park. If you are planning to ride a bike or take a walk in the woods the museum has parking and it can be a good starting point too.

Opening hours: 10:00-16:00.

The entrance to the museum is free of charge.

4. Zegrze lake

Located 30 km north of Warsaw Zegrze Reservoir is a man – made lake connected with Narew river. It is formed by a dam constructed in 1963 with a hydroelectric complex producing 20 Megawatts of energy.

Due to its attractive location near the Polish capital and natural beauty, Zalew Zegrzyński is a very popular place of recreation for the residents of Warsaw. It offers many attractions such as swimming, sunbathing on the beach, renting a sailing boat, renting a kayak or a water pedalo.

The best location for attractions is village called Nieporęt where you will easily find a beach and a parking. There are a few restaurants around but it is possible to bring your grill and make your own food on the beach.

There is a place to rent a kayak (20 zł per hour) or a water pedalo (25zł per hour) right on the beach in Nieporęt.

This is a perfect place for outdoor relax for those who want to feel like on the real beach just outside the city. You can get a good sunburn and water entertainment there!

5. Czersk castle

This gothic castle, the house of the masovian dukes, is located 36km south from center of Warsaw and driving a car it will take you around 50 minutes to get there. The best way to get there is car, there is no convenient connection neither by bus or train.

The castle was built in 1410 and its preserved in a very good condition. However it was destroyed during war with Sweden in 1656 and rebuilt. From the once stronghold, a brick bridge from the eighteenth century and the north and east wing of the castle had all survived.

From May until September every weekend the cycle of attractions called “meetings with knights” is organized in the castle. The main attractions : you can try the armor, try archery, hold the sword and watch fights and Gothic dances shows in traditional middle ages outfits.

Official website where you can check additional attractions such as middle ages festival or concerts :

Normal ticket : 8zł

Reduced ticket: 5zł

Opening hours in winter : 8:00 – 15:00 (October – march)

Opening hours in summer: 8:00 – 20:00 (April – September)

6. Sierpc – masovian village museum

Location : 130km from the center of Warsaw. It takes around 1h 50 minutes by car to get to the museum.

It presents the real model of local village from XIXth century. There are 80 buildings and structures to visit in the area such as : wind mill, houses for servants, houses for local dukes, wooden church, windmill and many working tools.

The museum offers additionally : horse riding, exhibition, picnics and local food. In the gardens of houses you can find cows, gooses and other farm animals.

As a part of the village you can visit as well an inn or blacksmith and try to make your own horseshoe with his help.

From may until September every Sunday the museum provides lots of additional attractions such as: people in local clothes presenting old professions and duties in the village to create real atmosphere of XIXth century’s village in masovian region of Poland.

The cost of tickets for adults is 13zł, for kids 8zł.

Opening hours from October until march is 9:00-15:00.

From April until September 10:00-17:00.

7. Otrębusy – Museum of Motorization

Location : 28 km from Warsaw, 30 mins drive from the city center.

Established in 1995 but the collection of exhibits took over 25 years. Museum can be proud of its over 300 vehicles and many smaller exhibits such as military uniforms, radios, posters and even a small plane.

Museum is opened every day 10:00-17:00.

The cost of ticket for adults is 14zł and for children is 9zł.

If you are organizing a visit for family or friends you can rent an antique car or bus with a driver that will take the whole group for a sightseeing trip around Warsaw.

If you are an ancient, destroyed car owner the museum offers a service or renovation for such cars to give them second youth.

If you are getting married – renting a car in the museum is a good option for classic old cars lovers. You can choose from around 40 types of wedding cars to rent. For more demanding client they even offer a carriage.

Train service offers a very convenient connection to Otrębusy, where the museum is located. You can take the train from city center – train station called Warszawa Śródmieście WKD.

The trip will take you 1h 08 minutes and will cost you 14zł both ways. The train leaves 3-4 times each hour depending on the part of the day. Current time table you can check here:

Have we missed your favorite day trip? Let us know in the comments below



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