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Six alternative places to visit in Warsaw

Warsaw is a beatiful city with lots to see and do, but most people visiting the city just get stuck with the idea of visiting the Palace of science culture, The old town square and maybe a park or two. Warsaw has must more to offer and here are six alternative places to visit in Warsaw written by a local Polish woman born in Warsaw.

1. Fotoplastikon

It is a stereoscopic theatre with rotating stereoscopic images located in Warsaw, Poland. Operating at the same location since 1905, it is the oldest stereoscopic theatre in Europe still in business at its original location.

The Warsaw Fotoplastikon has 24 fixed stereoscopic viewports. A visitor sits at a viewport around the circumference of the machine. Each picture, from a sequence of 48 three dimensional stereo images, appears for 15 seconds before moving on to the next.

The exibithion changes from times to times (sometimes every month, sometimes more often).
Recorded music related to the theme plays in the background.

Adress: Al. Jerozolimskie 51. It is inside the gate so look out for this sign and enter the gate to find it.

Opening hours: Wedesday – Sunday 10:00-18:00.
Monday, Tuesday – closed.
Thursday – Free admission
Adult – 4zł
Children – 2zł

See what people are saying about Fotoplastikon on Tripadvisor:

2. Old vodka factory

Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser” is a factory complex of neo-Gothic buildings from the late nineteenth century located in Praga district.

The factory complex covers the area of approximately 50,000 m2. The factory is a peculiar instance of European industrial architecture from the late 19th and early twentieth century. The red-brick buildings represent the Gothic style – narrow windows, characteristic of that age cornices, perpendicular towers and rib-vault ceilings.

Many of the buildings belonging to the Koneser complex survived the Second World War.

With the acquisition of the land by the BBI Development the idea of how to zone the area of the former factory changed drastically. The project includes revitalization and adaptation of post-industrial buildings and creation of new buildings harmoniously integrated into the revitalized area of the former factory. The plans also include arrangement of loft apartments and construction of residential, office and commercial facilities.

How to get there?

From the Palace of Culture and Science you need to take the tram number 25 in direction ANNOPOL and leave on the tram stop called ZĄBKOWSKA.
From there it is 10 minutes walk to the complex.

3. Praga Folk Music Group Monument

Revealed in 2006, this monument presents a neighbourhood band from the days when such musicians roamed the courtyards of Warsaw, especially in the Praga neighbourhood, and played popular Warsaw tunes.

In the band there is a violinist, accordion player, guitarist, banjo player, and a drummer. A small square with benches surrounds the monument, where you can rest and listen to music, including tunes from the pre-war era.

How to listen to the band playing?

Send an SMS to 7141 with the text KAPELA XX (in the place of XX enter the song numer).
100 titles available. The list of songs is shown on the side of the drum. The cost of SMS is 1,22zł.</a

How to find it?

From Palace of Culture and Science you need to take the bus number 160 (bus stop in front of Hard Rock Cafe guitar) in direction WITEBSKA and leave on the bus stop called PARK PRASKI. From there it is 4 minutes walk.

4. Original piece of ghetto wall

During the war and in its aftermath, the ghetto wall was almost completely destroyed. Fragments of it can be seen in the few locations. One of the biggest pieces is located in the courtyard at Złota 62 street and when you find the right number just follow the sign as shown below:

In the Autumn of 1940, the Nazis established a ghetto in Warsaw. The whole area was surrounded with a brick wall 3 meters high, topped with barbed wire. In many places, walls of existing buildings were used as the ghetto walls. The walls were patrolled by armed units; all attempts to leave or enter the ghetto ended with beatings or in death.

This particular part of the wall was 6 meters high and the memory board from president of Israel, Chaim Herzog was placed on it in 1992.
The adress is easy to find and located very close to the Palace of Culture and Science:

5. Neon museum

The Neon Museum is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Poland’s cold war era neon signs.

The Neon Muzeum is permanently based in Soho Factory, Praga – the creative heart of Warsaw.

The Neon Muzeum is a private initiative and does not currently receive public funds. Therefore, public donations directly finance mission to preserve and save these unique neon letterforms for future generations.

Opening hours
Wednesday – Sunday 12:00 – 17:00
Monday, Tuesday – Closed
Adult 10zł
Children 8zł

How to find it?

It is located in one of the buildings ( Numer 55) in Soho Factory in Praga district.
From Palace of Culture and Science you need to take the tram number 22 (direction WIATRACZNA) and leave on the stop called BLISKA. From the stop it is 7 minutes walk.

6. Praga district museum

It is housed in a restored complex of historic buildings at ulica Targowa 50/52, next to the famous Rożycki Bazaar. One of the buildings was built in late 18th century and is the oldest residential building of Praga district.

The second building of this complex, adjacent to famous bazaar, used to be one of prayer houses for local Jewish community.

Museum presents permanent and temporary exhibitions, Archives of Spoken History, ’Dying Professions’ Hall’, reading room and many other attractions. Institution is also focused on educational aspect of their works, it holds intelectual meetings and workshops.

Opening hours:

Monday – closed
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00-18:00
Adults: 5zł
Children: 3zł
Sunday: Free admission

How to find it?

From the Palace of Culture and Science you need to take the tram number 25 in direction ANNOPOL and leave on the tram stop called ZĄBKOWSKA.
From there it is 2minutes walk to the museum.

We hope that you have found this guide to alternative places to visit in Warsaw interesting and help you make the most of your time in Warsaw. If you discover any cool places on your travels then make sure you please a comment below to help others discover them too



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