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Six million zlotys worth of road repairs planned

A dozen or so streets will gain a paved surface this year. The works will be partly carried out with a new rolling concrete technology.

Without large, expensive investments, we will improve the quality of local streets where we still have dirt roads – says Renata Kaznowska, deputy mayor of Warsaw.

19 streets with a total length of about seven kilometers were designated for curing this year. The entire operation will cost over PLN 6 million.

As road workers ensure, works are already being carried out at Makowska. The same awaits with Interesting, Lubuska, Radoszycka, Rejowiecka in Wawrze, Dudziarska in Praga Południe, Folialowa, Struga in Włochach, Fortel, Inowłodzka, Jarzębinowa, Raciborska, Szamotulska in Białołęka, Henryk Brodacy in Ursus, Paderewski, Pastuszków, Szerta in Rembertów, Rembertowska in Wesoła, Ruczaj in Wilanów.

The works are performed by the Road Repair and Maintenance Department. According to officials, some roads are paved with bitumen on the foundation of aggregate and a part of technology RCC (roller-compacted concrete).

“It is a special type of cement concrete with the appropriate composition and proportions selected in such a way as to obtain optimal concrete compaction and a rapid increase in its strength.” For laying this type of concrete, paver-like pavers are used, “says the town hall.

It could take about ten days to complete a three-hundred-kilometer stretch of road.

In the last year’s edition of the program, 24 streets were paved for approximately six million zlotys.



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