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Thai Long

Warsaw Local visited Thai Long on 1st November 2017. Thai Long joined the Saska Kepa neighborhood of Warsaw in October 2016. With over 2000+ fans on their Facebook page and positive reviews on their Zomato we set out to discover Thai Long and here we are today to report our findings.

Finding the location

In all our reviews we use the Palace of Culture and Science as a point of reference as it is the tallest building in the city (and Poland!)

We would say that Thai Long is not walking distance from the Palace. According to Google Maps it is a five kilometer walk that would take about one hour. If you like to walk then go for it, but from the bus stop outside the Hard Rock Cafe you can take 117 which will stop you almost right outside and takes only 17 minutes. There are also many free parking spaces around, but beware this is a busy street.

Here are some pictures of the outside to make it easier to spot. We visited in the winter, but in the summer they also have a nice outdoor seating area.

Price and Menu

Usually in this section of a review we will showcase pictures of the whole menu, but the staff let us know that they are planning to make major changes to the menu in the coming weeks. The current menu was presented in Polish, however the staff did let us know that they were planning to add English in the future. Here are some images from the pages we ordered from:

The vegetarian section was clearly labelled, and the spice levels were not shown. This was something we had experienced in our venues that served the same cuisine, but we discovered why later on.

We ordered:

Three Spring Rolls – 8.90zł
Red Thai Curry with Tofu – 17.90zł
Pad Thai with Chicken – 20.90zł
Green Tea – 8zł (we ordered two)

Total bill: 66.70zł

This has to be one of cheapest or at least the top three cheapest venues we have ever reviewed for two people! Our average review costs are 100zł+ for a similar amount of food and serve. We were pleasantly surprised and if you’re on a budget then Thai Long is the place for you! However, does low price equal low quality? Lets find out.

Our Experience

From our order the Green tea was served first and almost instantly. They were served as loose leafs in boiling water. They were both presented with a dish and spoon if you’d like to remove the leafs after awhile, but we decided to just let them brew.

Our first order of three spring rolls. There was not much to note on presentation as they were just three spring rolls served on a plate. The nice touch of detail was that they were served with two different dipping sauces in a pouring jar.

We went with the sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Spring rolls is kind of a board term because Chinese Spring Rolls are different to what we were served today which is the west could be called an ‘Egg Roll’. Chinese Spring Rolls are made with Spring Roll Wrappers which are thin food wraps and made with wheat flour, so not that friendly to people who can’t eat gluten. Now the dish we ordered are made with rice paper which is much more thinner and lighter. As we have tasted many different Chinese style Spring Rolls in Warsaw it was great to see a change!

The rolls where tightly wrapped and content didn’t fall apart when you tried to pick it up or cut in to them. The size was perfect for mouth sized bites and each roll would give you four small pieces. The main filling of the roll was egg, but it was not over powering and didn’t take away from the other ingredients.

At only 8.90zł we felt these were amazing value for money!

After our plates for starters were removed and the table cleaned we were presented with a single plate of rice nicely shaped in to short tower. Both mains were then served at the same time.

My order of Red Thai Curry with Tofu served in a large bowl:

The reason that the ‘spicy’ level of each dish is not labelled on the menu is because all dishes are made to order. On placing my order they explained that it can be made as spicy or as mild as you like. This gave a great feeling of quality. I went with the medium spice option. I love spice and would have gone higher, but my guest is sensitive to spice. On trying the dish she personally found quite spice and thought it would be too spicy for her. This is a good thing to note, order the mild if you don’t like spice. For me personally it was just right. A mix between spice and hotness with a focus on flavor than just trying to set your mouth on fire.

The rice served was for my dish and it was served with a large spoon which could be used to scoop some rice and sauce at the same time. The rice was just plain white rice, however the sauce was packed with flavor! Light kicks of ginger and background tastes of finely chopped onion. There were many different options available to what you could add to the dish such as:


Last year I did a Vegan Challenge were I went Vegan for a week in Warsaw to discover what it is like. It was here that I discovered Tofu and even know as a meat eater I see it as a nice change. It was for this reason I decided to go for the Tofu over anything else.

For those that have not tried Tofu before I recommend giving it a try. Alone it doesn’t really have much of a taste, but in this dish in soaks the flavors and spice from the sauce giving it a unique taste thanks to its unique texture. For those with experience with Tofu it was light and airy with a suitable level of ‘chewiness’.

Throughout the dish was a selection of fresh green vegetables that were crisp and clean.

My guest went with the traditional dish of Pad Thai and opted for the chicken option. Pad Thai is a noodle based dish so rich was not served with this dish. The portion size was great! Nobody likes when a restaurant an underwhelming portion and Thai did not disappoint.

The dish was served with a slice of lemon which we first added before trying. My guest is not yet an expert with chop sticks so went for the fork option and the noodles were easy to pick up. They were slightly coated in sauce, but were not dipping in sauce which sometimes makes it a mess to try and pick up and the noodles just slide off your fork. Not here.

Throughout the dish you could find nicely sliced pieces of chicken. For the price of this dish (20.90zł) we were expected less Chicken but they excelled our expectations. The dish is very mild with almost no spiciness to the dish. The focus is more on ingredients such as the fresh vegetables and peanuts, which gave the dish an earthly taste. Do remember that all dishes are made to order, so if you would like a little kick and spice I am sure they can add something in.

My guest really enjoyed the dish and felt the portion size was perfect for those who want to just try some Thai flavors and those who just need to fill their stomach. We were both a little to full for anything sweet, however there were some great looking desserts on the menu for those with a sweet tooth.

Service and Waiting Time

The service was great! Our table was spotless before we sat down. Our plates were taken away quickly and again the table cleaned. The waiting time was as positive as the service. From ordering to eating was less than five minutes for the starters and our mains were severed within one minute of our table being cleaned.

Decor and Atmosphere

Thai Long is quite small compared to other venues in the area, but as we were only two people it was perfect for us. As a group larger than four you’ll most likely not be able to sit on one table and we are unsure if tables can be moved.

Even with limited space Thai Long did a great job with the place. You can find nice pictures on the wall and everything is very clean and new looking.

We visited in the winter, but don’t forget in the summer they have a bigger outdoor space which could be perfect for larger reservations.

The music played was oriental style instrumentals (no words). I personally enjoyed it and thought it created a nice atmosphere and felt it matched the mood and theme. My guest wasn’t such a big fan and found it slightly annoying after 30 minutes. Music like food is a personal taste.

Language Barriers

As a native English speaker that doesn’t speak Polish I sometimes struggle with restaurants in Warsaw that don’t have English speaking staff or menus only written in Polish but that is not a problem with Thai Long. The waitress that we got spoke a great level of English and even though the menu was presented only in Polish the waitress took the time to explain in English the different options, explained what was in the dish and helped us make the right choice.

Final impression and things to note

Overall we had an amazing experience at Thai Long. We could not expect this level of quality and service as this price range but they showed us it can be done and set the standard. For the pizza of a takeaway pizza we got professional service in a clean and authentic restaurant.

We didn’t get a chance to speak with the kitchen staff as they were busy, but we did notice that they seemed to be from the East and it seemed to explain their passion for authentic and traditional Thai dishes.

One thing to note is the size, if you’re going in a large group (six or more people) on a busy day such as Saturday you might not always be guaranteed to find two tables next to each other. That is one of the only things we can find to fault Thai Long.

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