The Marriott Climb – not the first, but a record

Sunday, June 2 at the Marriott, Warsaw. A unprotected man climbed to the roof of the hotel. This is not the first such situation in history, but an anonymous climber defeated the skyscraper in a time twice shorter than its predecessors.

The man, on the evening of June 2, 219, began to climb alone, without any ropes to the top of the Marriott hotel. . When the climber reached the roof of the building – he was arrested by the police. It is known that the climber managed to defeat the wall of a 140-meter tower in about 20 minutes. 

Internet users suspected that youtuber publishing in the network under the pseudonym “BNT” may be responsible for the “sports feat”. This has been confirmed after we posted an image on his Facebook page. The man is known for climbing without protection on the spire of Hala Stulecia in Wrocław. The information that Marcin Banot was a daredevil would not be confirmed by the police.

But the feat of the unknown daredevil is not the first such situation in history. At the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, without a harness, in June 1998, Alain Robert, a French climber, called the Man-Spider, also climbed. A year later, the Pole, climber, Dawid Kaszlikowski did the same, and in 2009 the Polish Spider-Man, or 26-year-old Bartłomiej O. from Sosnowiec. All sportsmen took about 45 minutes to get a skyscraper. BNT did it in less than 25 minutes

What penalty threatens to climb the Warsaw skyscraper? Ten years ago, Bartłomiej was to be tried in accordance with the law, which clearly states that a person who “mischievous or frolicsome, wanting to trigger unnecessary activity with a false alarm, information or other means, misleads a public utility or other security authority is punishable arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine up to PLN 1,500 “. However, the verdict in his case was dropped.



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