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The narrowest house in the world is in Warsaw and you can visit

For 15 minutes and up to a maximum of four groups. The narrowest house in the world opens to the public.

“In April and May, we open the next weekends, during which it will be possible to enter the Keret House,” said the Modern Art Foundation, which looks after the facility at the intersection of Chłodna and Żelazna.

In the set dates, we will enter the narrowest house in the world in a maximum of four groups.

During the visit there will be a person from the Foundation who will show the house and talk about it briefly. After booking in advance, you can enter the dates:

– 21 and 22 April,

– 12 and 13 May,

– 19 and 20 May.

The narrowest house in the world

Keret’s house is a kind of artistic, but at the same time practical installation designed as a studio for the Israeli writer Etgar Keret, as well as a place for cultural activities. The official opening took place on October 20, 2012 in the presence of the writer.

The architect Jakub Szczęsny came up with the idea of ​​an unconventional facility, sitting in the garden of the nearby Chłodna 25 café. The darkening gap between the two buildings on the other side of the street became – as the critics estimate – the subject of one of the most original ideas of recent years.

122 centimeters at the widest point

Szczelina, who fascinated the architect, divides two buildings symbolizing two stories – a pre-war tenement house at Chłodna 22 and a 70’s pointer at ul. Żelazna 74. Right next to it is a place where during the war there was a footbridge connecting the small and large ghetto. The design of Szczęsny and the inhabitant – Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer whose family comes from Poland, refer to the history of this place.

Keret’s house has 14 square meters of surface, in the widest place – 122 cm, and the narrowest – 72 cm, which makes it the narrowest home in the world. Inside is everything that should be at home: a living room with a pouf, a work desk, a cooker and a toilet integrated in the shower. To the second floor, where the bed and desk are, you have to climb the ladder.

What is your opinion on this house? Would you live there? Let us know in the comment section. 



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