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The price of parking a car in the center of Warsaw is set to triple.

A new law has been discussed and already voted on to created two new parking zones: ordinary and city center. The price of working in the city center is set to raise from 3 PLN per hour up to 9.99 PLN per hour is some areas of the center.

The idea was put forward by the Ministry of Investment and Development. A vote happened this week through parliament with 422 deputies voted in favor and only 5 against the idea.

Two zones

The proposed bill contains important changes regarding parking, especially in large cities – over 100,000 inhabitants. These will be able to create not only a normal zone of paid parking, but also a new one referred to as – Downtown Parking.

“The city center or downtown parking zone is to be set up in the areas of the intensive traffic and congestion” the bill reads. Both zones are to differ primarily in price.

Currently the cost of parking in the paid zone is three zlotys per hour. Metropolitan officials have long argued that Warsaw are too low for a capital city, but they can not change it themselves. The maximum threshold that a local council can charge has been set in the Act.

If you currently spend 3 PLN for eight hours of parking in Warsaw your total would be 24 PLN a day. With the new fees in place the same amount of parking would cost 79.92 PLN a day.

The new regulations introduce new fees that are to be dependent on the minimum wage. And yes, in the normal zone the payment for the first hour should amount to a maximum of 0.15 percent. minimum wage, and in the city center – a maximum of 0.45%.

According to the government’s plans next year, the minimum salary is to be equal to PLN 2,220 gross. Parking can therefore cost respectively: 3.33 for the first hour in the regular zone and 9.99 for the center.

There is also a change in the penalty for the lack of a parking ticket. Currently, it is 50 zlotys. In the adopted act, the amount is to amount to a maximum of 10 percent. minimum wage, or PLN 222.

Money used towards development of transport

The new law also assumes that no less than 65 per cent of revenue from parking charges and fines in the city center must go to purposes related to “the development of public transport, construction or reconstruction of walking or cycling infrastructure, or greenery and shelter”.

Higher rates for parking are to encourage private companies to build underground parking lots, and drivers to change buses and other means of public transport.

Are you a car owner that parks in the city everyday? How will this impact you? Will you be more likely to take the bus now? Or not? Let us know in the comment section below.



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