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The Rainbow will return to plac Zbawiciela

The rainbow will appear again in the center of plac Zbawiciela. This is an initiative of the Equality Volunteer Foundation, the brand of ice cream maker Ben & Jerry and the Association “Love does not exclude”. – The rainbow is a symbol of reconciliation. We can feel safe under it – echo the organizers.

When the Internet circulated information that at the square of Zbawiciela again we see a rainbow, immediately appeared a lot of comments. Everyone asked “what is going on”, “what kind of action” and “where did this initiative come from”. Today we know all the details.

They were told by the initiators of the campaign: Beata Antos from Equality Volunteering, Hubert Sobecki from the Association “Love does not exclude” and Martyna Kaczmarek representing the Ben & Jerry brand.

– The rainbow as a symbol of equality, love and rights of LGBT people returns on Friday, where we all want to watch it – says Beata Antos and adds: The date is not accidental either. In June, we celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. There are more and more marches in Poland supporting LGBT communities. On Saturday, the Equality Parade will pass through the streets of the city.

As Antos emphasizes – their action is a manifesto. – We want to show that Poland is a home for everyone. We want every resident and every visitor to feel safe here. In general, the rainbow evokes positive associations. I hope everyone will remember how cool it was when we had it in the square – adds Antos.

Hubert Sobecki from the Association “Love does not exclude” conquers that, as one of the few European countries, we belong to a group of countries where single-sex couples can not formally regulate their status. – It all comes down to love. The rainbow is indestructible, because love is indestructible. We had people who wanted to harm her, but they failed. The rainbow is a symbol of reconciliation. Under it, we can feel safe. It is not a provocation, but a symbol to be combined – says Sobecki.

Martyna Kaczmarek from the Ben & Jerry brand argues that it is not a marketing campaign: We have been supporting non-governmental organizations for 40 yearsfighting for equality around the world. We strongly believe in the importance of an inclusive society with equal rights, in which every loving couple, regardless of gender, should have the right to marry. – We want to talk about it with Warsaw residents.

The rainbow will appear on Friday in the form of a water-light hologram of the same size as the old floral installation. The event, on which the LGBT community will appear, will run from 22:00 to 2:00. The rainbow will be standing in the square for a few hours. There will be ice for refreshment. There will be security. – If someone wants to set a rainbow on fire, the fire will fall on him. That’s how we cleverly invented – laughs Sobecki from the Association “Love does not exclude”.

“If someone wants to set a rainbow on fire”

The reason the the quote given about fire was that in the past the rainbow was targeted more than two times and damaged by fire.



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