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The son of Kate & William will receive a special birthday present from Warsaw

On Monday, a third royal baby was born – the son of Princess Kate and Prince William. On this occasion, the city hall of Warsaw decided to send a special gift to Great Britain.

On Monday morning, the British Kensington Palace reported that Princess Kate gave birth to her third child – her son . The boy is healthy and weighs 3.8 kg. Until now, it is not known what name the royal couple will give him.

A gift for a royal baby

Thousands of gifts from many parts of the world are now heading to Great Britain . One of them is Warsaw . The city office reported on Twitter.

“We congratulate the royal family for a new baby. We remind you that exactly 9 months ago Prince William and Kate were visiting Warsaw. We imagine the happy parents could use some new pajamas now so we are sending them one.” – Posted on the twitter account of the Warsaw City Council.

The Baby sleepwear with the inscription ” I am proud of you” receive all new born babies in Warsaw. In this case the city of Warsaw decided to make an exception and send the little pajamas to new born member of British royal family even though he wasn’t born in the city of Warsaw

Warsaw officials mention in the Twitter entry about the visit of the royal couple in Warsaw, which took place in July last year – exactly nine months before the child’s birthday.

As Tvn24.pl writes , speculations on information given by the palace that Princess Kate suffers from severe morning nausea, which requires medical care. Pregnant women suffer from this condition in the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy. The tabloids therefore concluded that the third child of the couple had been conceived during the couple’s stay in Warsaw.



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