Things to do with Children in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw has a lot to offer for those with children, no matter the age range you’ll always find something fun to do and keep the excitement levels high! Here are some of the best things to do with children in Warsaw.

1. Water tram & the beach

Warsaw during the summer offers a big variety of activities connected to Wistula river. One of them is a water tram connecting left and right side of the city. Each tram can take up to 12 people and 12 bikes on each ride and everybody can use them for FREE. All trams operate between 1 st May and 6th September. There are 4 trams in 4 different places but two, most central ones, are:

“PLISZKA” Most Poniatowskiego – Stadion Narodowy

This one can be the best option to see National Stadium closest possible and to chill out for

some time on the sand by the water enjoying stunning city view. On the beach there is a bar

with cold drinks and big playground for children available.

How to reach the tram stop and where your ride will finish:

2. Miniature Park of Masovia

Miniature park is an excellent option for smaller tourists as their main focus is on children. The idea of this place is to show the history of the city and of the country using small models of people and buildings and create atmosphere of the past such as:

First shopping mall in Warsaw:

First tram:

The entrance fee for adults is 14zł and for children 10zł. The park is opened from Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 – 17:30.

The venue is located centrally and its 10 minutes walking from the Royal Castle in Old town.

3. Multimedia fountain show

Multimedia fountain show is a perfect option for people of all ages and everybody – both adults and kids will enjoy it.
It’s located in the park by the old town so the show is for free. It’s being show every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 PM. Only in September the shows starts at 9PM as it gets darker faster. They operate from May until September.

The duration of the spectacle is around 30 minutes and consists of music, colorful water dance and digital water screen showing live animations.

4. Copernicus Science Center

It’s a science museum with around 400 interactive exhibits where anybody can carry out experiments and discovers science by themselves. The main attractions are: robotic theatre and planetarium where on spherical screens you can admire starry sky.

The museum is very popular destination, as it’s a good entertainment for both – adults and children, so it’s a good idea to book your tickets in advance online.
The venue is located 15minutes walking from old town and by the second line of subway on the station holding the same name as museum itself (Centrum Nauki Kopernik) which makes it easy to find.

Entrance fee for adults is 27zł and for kids 18zł.

Tickets to planetarium, depending on the screening, oscillate between 14-25zł each.

5. Narrow-gauge railway

Located in the suburbs of the city but very enjoyable is the museum of narrow-gauge railway which offers nice rides around the small towns around Warsaw.
They operate all year round only on Sundays. The ride starts at 11AM and lasts until 4PM. The tickets cost 25 PLN for adults and 12 PLN for children. The ride starts in the city called Piaseczno which is located around 19km from palace of culture and science.

The trains are old, operate on steam which makes them loud and smelly and creates a nice atmosphere of the industrial past. The ride goes to the city called Tarczyn, where everybody takes a break to see the city and eat dinner in calm place. Tarczyn offers another additional attraction which is Wild west city where everybody can feel like in far western civilization for a moment.

The trains start at station called Piaseczno Miasto Wąskotorowe on Sienkiewicza 14 street in Piaseczno.

6. African Ostrich Farm

For all the animals lovers Gołków, near Warsaw offers a unique and exotic attraction – farm full of African ostriches.

In the offer they have not only option to touch animals and watch them – you can purchase ostrich eggs as well, check out the rooms where they eat and sleep, stay at the hostel for a night or even taste an ostrich meat for real meat lovers. Besides ostriches live many birds, goats and other animals that children can find interesting to see and touch.

Sightseeing includes as well small prelection about ostriches eggs, their character and history how they came to Poland.

The farm is opened everyday 12 PM until 6 PM. The whole sightseeing takes around 2 hours.

Their website offers a nice explanation where to find the farm:

Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments your favorite place to take your children.



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